Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings Cards and Quotes

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We all have relations in our life, like girlfriends/boyfriends, lover, brother, sister, mom-dad. All relation have their unique palace in every ones life. We celebrates special day for every relations, like birthday, Raksha Bandhan, Fathers Day, Mothers day. We have a special one in our life in face of husband/wife. He/she is becomes a life partner for us. He/she stay with us in every moment and every conditions of life. If our time is bad or good but he/she is always with us. For this relation we celebrates marriage anniversary.  which is the day when she/he comes in our life and makes our life full of love and happiness.

Here in this page we put best Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes with Anniversary Wishes, Greetings Cards and Wedding Anniversary Quotes. Hope you like them.

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Happy Anniversary Wishes

Happy Anniversary Wishes

Real romantic relationships are when you don’t need to pretend to be another person, merely to be liked to be someone you are not. Happy anniversary.


That big day is here now again
Your day we got our vows
You’re equally as special if you ask me today
As you get me still aroused.
Happy Wedding anniversary Lover


Your marriage is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever before seen, I’m very pleased to perhaps you have as my friends, I’m pleased with being next for you on such a lovely occasion, all I needed to state is happy wedding anniversary!


Wishing you an excellent and extended life on your wedding anniversary alongside one another.


Happy Anniversary and could your relationship be Blessed with love, pleasure And companionship For all your full many years of your lives! Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Considering divorced lovers make me believe that relationships are ephemeral. Nevertheless, you both have demonstrated that relationships are eternal truly. Happy anniversary.

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Happy Anniversary
and May
your relationship be Blessed with love,
pleasure And companionship
For all your many years of your lives!


Happy wedding anniversary to the close friends a person could require! We wish you a lot of fortitude alongside one another and much more contentment and delight, all the best on your further trip!


Wishing you a lot more years of delight and unconditional love.


Best wishes for you both on your wedding anniversary, May the love that u talk about Last your daily life through, As u make an excellent pair. Happy LOVED-ONE’S BIRTHDAY

# 5 Wedding Anniversary Wishes Images

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Images

Among the better memories of the couple are not simply the magic of the first few kisses however the magic they create each and every time they kiss for the others of the lives. Happy wedding anniversary.


To the stunning couple in every the land,
May your wedding anniversary be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary


No matter where we’re at or what we’ve, so long as I’ve you by my area, I’ll be pleased with that. Here’s to wishing us a lot more happy years jointly.


Nobody else would understand our romantic relationship, and no-one else in this global world would understand me the way you do. Happy Anniversary!

10 Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Friends

Happy Anniversary Wishes Quotes for Friends

Wishing both of you a happy wedding anniversary and the fun of several more a long time.


My dearest friends,
you’d your fluctuations, when you wished to quit
you’d your happy occasions, and the brief occasions of joy
you two have had the opportunity to help the other person through everything
that is certainly something everyone dreams of!
Happy anniversary!

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The lines and wrinkles on your encounters are not signs or symptoms of how much you have aged, but how your relationship has survived the test of time attractively. Happy anniversary


May the love between you, bring tons of joy, And could that happiness no-one can kill!!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!! Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


That especial day is here now again Your day we required our vows You are equally as especial to today me. Is you’ll still get me roused. Happy Wedding anniversary Liver. –
Like a bloom in the natural light, your love blossoms magnificently. Happy wants on your loved-one’s birthday.


You two should be pleased with the improvement you’ve done
Few people can do what you did!
Happy anniversary!


Not really a long voyage, your marriage can be an adventure. Not really a love report, your marriage can be an epic story of romance. Not really a happy closing, your matrimony is a blissful loop of nice memories. Happy loved-one’s birthday.


It appears like married life will abide by you, And I wish the best for you both!!! Thanks to be my friends!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!


Wishing that the live you distributed years go Continues to be as strong today is it was Taking y then u much joy , love and enjoyment To rejoice again. Happy Wedding anniversary.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Mom and Dad Quotes

Happy Anniversary Wishes to Mom and Dad Quotes

Your loved-one’s birthday is not simply a reminder of how beautiful both of you are as some, but this can be a reminder of how happy we live as a family group also. Happy anniversary.


Happy wedding anniversary to the few who personifies love, exemplifies virtue, epitomizes excellence, characterizes righteousness and symbolizes the best in life.

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You will be the parents that kids desire to have, you will be the couple that lovers desire to be and both of you will be the pillars of support that each family wants it possessed. Happy wedding anniversary to the best parents ever before.


My dearest parents,
your love is similar to a gemstone, you can’t ever break it,
many people would want this type of love,
you two are blessed, and what i needed to state is
happy anniversary!


Through the full years, through skinny and skinny, for better or for most detrimental, for richer or for poorer, my dear mom and dad, you men have proven that relationships do previous. I am pleased with you both! Happy anniversary!


I know I’ve made a few bad alternatives in life, which explains why I am so thankful which i never surely got to choose my parents. Both of you will be the best parents any child could ever before have. Happy anniversary.


You could have always educated us to realize milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy wedding anniversary to your dear parents.


Today as it was then wishing that the love you distributed years back continues to be as strong, having you much enjoyment, love and delight to remember again. Happy anniversary!


You are cherished by me, and I am very pleased with both of you, because you have earned to be this happy, you have through your fluctuations, not every few can do this you understand. You two are incredibly blessed. Happy wedding anniversary! Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


In spite of all the full years that contain passed, the trials to have both gone to, your relationship has continued to be steadfast. When I someday marry, I am hoping that I’d have a solid and steady bond with my partner as you both have. Happy wedding anniversary mom and dad.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to my Husband

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to my Husband

Our matrimony may have been a bumpy trip numerous rate breakers, but that is exactly what has made us circumvent those obstructions and fly saturated in the sky. Happy wedding anniversary.


Because you were found by me, my life hasn’t been the same. Thanks a lot for rendering it better and more pleased. I really like you and Happy Wedding anniversary, hubby! I give thanks to God for supplying me the best man!


You used to make it impossible to access your heart and soul, but I understood I could be in, I still understand that day you i want to in, and appearance at us now, five years later we’re gladly married, happy wedding anniversary honey!

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You needed attention of my sensitive heart and soul always, Corrected all my problems and guaranteed me that we’ll never go aside!!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!


The day that people were pronounced couple was a day I’ll remember. Today, we reach again observe that special occasion. Happy Anniversary to my hubby!


Our anniversary is not simply a celebration of our wedding day. It’s the party of each full day to be wedded to an incredible dude as if you. Happy anniversary.


he 1st instant I laid my eye you, I realized our hearts were designed to be. You are my courage, my angel, my soldier. I had been kept by you. You are loved by me.


I really like you, because the full day I fulfilled you
And I cannot let you know how blessed Personally i think
i am married for you
Because you are treasured by me, and I will always, happy wedding anniversary darling!


I used to be switched by you into a female from lady, Made me feel like treasured pearls and gems!!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!! Thanks a lot for everything I was presented with by you hubby!!


On our wedding anniversary I’m reminded that I really like you more with yearly that moves. I’m your spouse and you’re my man – little or nothing will come between us.

Top 10 Happy Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Dad and mom, I understand love retains the most effective force, and must be cared for with admiration and health care. Both of you hold this force dear, and I needed to say I really like you and Happy Anniversary.


You are known by me combat, but never before me. You are known by me argue, but not in a manner that your kids can easily see. I understand you have your differences, nevertheless, you keep them private. I understand you have problems, but you don’t allow them have an effect on your fate. To my parents whose love and dedication is so true, I wish a happy wedding anniversary to you both.


I consider myself so blessed, To acquire parents who reveal, Such a good chemistry, Of love, care and respect, When I believe of my lifeI feel only happiness, Many thanks both to make, Life’s trip so invaluable, Happy anniversary


Another year to together create treasured memories. Another full time to find new what to enjoy about one another. Another year to strengthen a married relationship that defines forever. Happy anniversary!


When you are seen by me, I often feel that you are the couple people truly wish to be, because both of you are amazing, and I wish you good luck, happy anniversary!


I could only consider what real love will bring for me personally as it did for you, Dad and mom. You are loved by me. Happy Anniversary, and so many more to come!


You will be the parents that kids desire to have, you will be the couple that lovers desire to be and both of you will be the pillars of support that each family would like it experienced. Happy wedding anniversary to the best parents ever before.


Today With the other person without the interruption i know you want to spend time, But I am going to take two minutes of your energy just, To produce a sweet declaration, You are liked by me to be my parents, And the sort of friends that you have been, Super cool mums and fathers as if you, I haven’t yet run into or seen, Have an incredible loved-one’s birthday, Rekindle your love for every single other, WHEN I bask away in the take great pride in, Of experiencing the world’s best parents


You may have always trained us to achieve milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy wedding anniversary to your dear parents.


I still see you collectively, amazing and happy,
you have through your downs and ups
and you also never stopped thinking in one another.
You are an enthusiasm, happy anniversary!

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