25 Funny Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband from Wife

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Anniversary is a day which celebrate on same day on wedding. It celebrate after one year of marriage or on same day when you meet with someone. Check special wishes of  Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband.  Show you love, caring, feeling towards your husband with sending these awesome wishes to wish your hubby. If your Husband have a good humor then this post share with you some Funny Anniversary Quotes for Husband also. Its a best feeling when you get a cute wish from your partner on your Anniversary and if you want to prove you are are good life partner or wife then Send these Anniversary Quotes to make your Husband Happy.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Happy Anniversary Quotes

Thank you to be my hubby, my spouse, my fan and my best good friend. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband!!!


Between the million unresolved questions about the reason why of individual life, I’ve acquired the response to mine – you. Happy wedding anniversary!!!


Been my shadow wherever I proceeded to go, It is the best feeling to learn that slumber of my entire life, along with you I’ll spend!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!


All these full years, you have been amazing. Being a dad to your kids so that as my lover, I have already been happy in your forearms and I possibly could observe that we’ll be more pleased for the others of our days and nights. Many thanks for everything. Happy wedding anniversary, my darling.!!!


May be the first wedding anniversary of our own relationship today. I will remember this time around with a huge happiness in my own heart understanding that all my dreams become a reality!!!


AFTER I was gripped with dread, you tight held me, And exhibited me a life that was really very smart!!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!


Since you were attained by me, my life hasn’t been the same. Thanks a lot for so that it is better and more pleased. I really like you and Happy Wedding anniversary, hubby! I give thanks to God for presenting me the best man!!!


It had been the happiest 12 months in my own life and I’m sure it’s just the start. Love you a great deal, honey, happy wedding anniversary!!!


Behind every successful man there’s a girl, But behind every successful better half there’s a true man!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!


I am so blessed to perhaps you have as my hubby which is my best day in my own life. Happy wedding anniversary for you my dear!!!


I don’t want our lives to be quoted for example of the perfect relationship, but as the coolest excursion ride that two different people ever had taken. Happy anniversary!!!


I didn’t ever before wanted our matrimony would be quoted for example of the perfect few,
Rather allow it be the coolest excursion ride that two different people have ever needed. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband!


A huge selection of “Love you” for you continues to be less, Because, you have taken care of our matrimony with finesse!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!


Just keep me small and kiss me… I want to go back to the moment when i realized that we were made for the other person first. You are loved by me, happy anniversary!!!


1 day you arrived to my life,
You were a stranger and you also became part of me then.
Many thanks for everything, my dear,
Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!


You got treatment of my sensitive center always, Corrected all my problems and guaranteed me that we’ll never go aside!!! Happy loved-one’s birthday!!!

Funny Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband

  • Many thanks for wedding me and given me a chance,
    To scream at you whenever Personally i think,
    And I am certain I have someone to do the same in future.
    So why don’t we observe our Happy Wedding anniversary!

Today I get started to understand what love must be, if it is present. Whenever we are parted, we each feel having less the spouse of ourselves.

  • Oh dear!! You understand how much I loved irritating you on each one of these times,
    And I am rejoiced again now to feel that I am still having that opportunity ,
    So why don’t we celebrate the Wedding anniversary.

We have been imperfect just like a written reserve in two amounts which the first has been lost. That’s what I imagine want to be: incompleteness in absence.

  • With the duration of time, I’ve come to understand the amount of I’ll always love and treasure our life collectively. You have made me an improved woman by being the most amazing husband ever. Happy Anniversary.

Between the million unresolved questions about the reason why of individuals lifetime, I’ve received the response to mine – you. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband from Wife


  • You are a blessing from God truly. Thank you to be my partner, husband, friend and lover. Happy anniversary!

They state that wedding is manufactured in heaven,
I correctly agree with this saying,
It’s because ever before after my entire life is a heavenly poem.
Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

  • Happy Wedding anniversary to the most wonderful hubby in the global world. No other man will make me feel as love and cherished as you do, and I really like you more with each passing day.

Do you really know what it is that will sparkle brighter than the diamonds in my wedding ring always? My eyes, each time I see you. Happy anniversary.

  • Nobody else would understand our romantic relationship, and no person else in this world would understand me the way you do. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Husband!

On the entire day we acquired hitched my center was taken.
But a very important factor was different relating to this robbery – I realized the robber.
And I understood he’d take proper care of computer also…
Happy wedding anniversary, my darling thief.

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