Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend : Wishes and Messages


Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend : A anniversary is celebrate on the same date of your meeting when you first time see or meet to Boyfriend. A relationship is full filled with love moments and some fights also. Wish your boyfriend on your anniversary with these sweet messages and quotes. On anniversary day spend time with your boyfriend and remember your priceless moments how he propose you and kisses, hugs. And how you survived during some bad moments but still together it makes your relationship strong. You can share these images and quotes on his Facebook Wall or you can tweet him or tag him or share on Pinterest. Its a very special gift for every boyfriend to get a cute wish from his girlfriend.

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Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend 3 Years

  • Our anniversary is not a celebration of our wedding day just. It’s the celebration of each day to be married to an incredible guy as if you. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend.


  • Other lovers would be smart to learn something or two from an incredible few like me and you also. You are loved by me, Happy Anniversary!


  • “You confirmed me that the best gift items will be the little details which come right out of the bottom of the hearts, you understand steps to make me smile, enlighten my eye and make me the happiest female on the globe, happy anniversary my entire life.”


  • “Today we meet five years living a love that is filled up with many surprises, kisses, hugs, love, pleasure, sadness, reconciliations and arguments, and each one of these things collectively are essential because they’re part of life. Thanks for sharing them with me, Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend.”


  • I’ve been buying a man who’ll love me for who I am
    Who will allow me for what I am rather than changes me to match his desire
    I’m so blessed to discover that man, the person who adores me and I REALLY LIKE.
    Happy Anniversary!


  • Our anniversary special event doesn’t have the colorfulness of pi?atas, grandeur of fireworks or the thump of noisy music. However the colorfulness is experienced because of it of our own beautiful stories, grandeur of our timeless thump and love of our hearts beating for each and every other… forever. Happy wedding anniversary.


  • I don’t need any pretty parties, special meals, or exquisite gift ideas. Simply obtaining a kiss from the person I love will do to treasure our anniversary jointly. Happy Wedding anniversary my love.


  • “One of the most happy and wonderful times of my entire life was when you announced your want to me and I accepted you as my sweetheart, today we rejoice one more season of our romance and my heart and soul beats better than ever to live on our love. Happy Wedding anniversary.”


  • “It’s been yet another calendar year living beautiful occasions as well as you. Enough time I’ve been to you has been the most wonderful of my entire life, no doubt we live designed to be with one another. Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend.”


  • Many thanks for your entire health care and undying love for me personally.
    I long to rejoice anniversaries together with you too
    But also for now, i want to style the sweetness of caring someone and being adored back
    Happy Moms baby!

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2 Year Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend


2 Year Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

  • I love you not merely for who you are but for how you make me feel also. Happy anniversary.


  • “ONCE I am with you whatever is going on on earth ceases to interest me, it is really as if only there have been me and you on the globe to talk about our love, is our wedding anniversary and the joy we feel is remarkable today.”


  • “I really do not learn how to many thanks for enough time I’ve spent along with you, you’ve filled my entire life with so much joy. Being with you makes the issues in life look small and small details look great. I really like you quite definitely, happy anniversary.”


  • I am a blessed sweetheart indeed!
    From the shout I’d make to allow world understand how much You are treasured by me.
    May our love grow strong each full day.
    You are loved by me.
    Happy monthsary baby!

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Happy 1st Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy 1st Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

  • I used to believe you were some hot just, cool person. I used to believe you were a few guy I would like from afar. However now you’re a lot more than that. You’re the special, handsome, hypersensitive, and fun man I enjoy. I’m so delighted I attained you and surely got to know you in this personal and amazing way. Happy Wedding anniversary.


  • “There is little or nothing more beautiful nowadays than our love, it’s the deepest appearance of our own commendable and sublime souls, today on our wedding anniversary I wish to say I wish to be with you permanently.”


  • “How I’d like to have the ability to pack tons of kisses and hugs in a surprise box and present them for you as a surprise so that whenever you start it you can feel how much I really like you, but since it can not be done, I’ll continue steadily to give them individually every day, every full week, on a monthly basis and every many years of our lives. Happy Anniversary my love.”


  • For the person that steals my heart
    The person that made my heart and soul flutters
    The person that sweeps me off my feet
    And put butterfly in my own tummy when he’s around
    Happy Wedding anniversary / Monthsary!

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend Tumblr

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend Tumblr


  • Our matrimony might have been a bumpy drive numerous acceleration breakers, but that is exactly what has made us circumvent those obstructions and fly saturated in the sky. Happy wedding anniversary.


  • It’s been quite a while because the day we first attained, and lots of things have improved- except my love for you. Here’s to some other wonderful year put in together!


  • “Before I found you, I put ceased to trust in love nevertheless, you exhibited me what love is really, what this means to have a clean and genuine love and I am so pleased for your, I really like you with all my heart and soul and I’d like our life to continue filling with far more happiness, happy wedding anniversary.”


  • “The very best decision of my entire life was whenever i said yes and we received engaged. It is per month of the beautiful marriage and everyone admires the fantastic love today, affection and respect we have for every single other. What I’d like the most is our love lasts forever. I really like you.”


  • To a guy who cared me when I want
    To a guy who made me happy after i was sad,
    TO a guy who led me while i was confused,
    To a guy who reinforced me once i failed
    Happy wedding anniversary to my Darling

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