25+ Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him : First Anniversary Quotes

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Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him : Send a special anniversary quotes to your Husband or boyfriend to wish him on this priceless moments. Anniversary comes just once in a year on the same date of your wedding or meeting. You can give some antique gift to you life partner for make him happy. But sending greetings and quotes to your dear is also a simple but enough to make your love one happy. You can share these images on your social sites wall you can tag him to show your love and tweet for him for wish. Even if you can make a greeting with your hand for showing you love and gratitude its also a good idea. Hope you gonna like these awesome Happy Anniversary First Year Love Quotes for Him.

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Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him


  • “I love you not merely for who you are but for how you make me feel also. Happy anniversary.”

“I could never make clear to you how much I love you. My love is so deep, so intense, it might never be described. You light a flame in my center that can not be blown away. You are cherished by me, Happy Anniversary.”

  • “You are a classic blessing from God. Thank you to be my partner, husband, friend and lover. Happy anniversary!”

“I am so blessed to own such an excellent husband.
You are liked by me. I do always.
Happy loved-one’s birthday, honey!”

  • “No matter where I am. My center is what your location is.Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him.”

“I never thought that checking you right out of the spot of my vision would eventually lead to taking a look at you deep in your sight right down to your soul. You are cherished by me my good-looking babe!”

“No-one else would understand our romance, and no-one else in this global world would understand me the way you do. Happy anniversary!”

  • “You may have been amazing during each one of these years, As a father to your children and since my fan and best ally, I am so happy in your forearms. Happy wedding anniversary, love you a whole lot!”

“From being the man who I thought was cool to becoming the person who made me drool. From being the man who I thought was hot to becoming the dude who I really like a great deal. From being the guy who I thought could be mine to becoming the guy who made my entire life so fine – You might have gone from being truly a guy I knew, to becoming the guy to whom I cannot stop saying I REALLY LIKE You.”

  • “I thought I had formed the perfect life before I achieved you. But when i met you, I realized I got missing something this whole time. I am completed by you, and I’m so pleased to have put in another year along with you. Happy Wedding anniversary, my spouse.” Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him

“Thank you to be there, particularly when times get difficult. I really like you and can always.”

  • “Happy loved-one’s birthday, my dear hubby, Who is the explanation for my joyful days and nights, Who shows me what real love is, Who always helps and induces me. I am so happy to be your lady, darling! Love you!”

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Funny Anniversary Quotes and Wishes with Images



“Today I commence to understand what love must be, if it is accessible. Whenever we are parted, we each feel having less the spouse of ourselves.”

  • “Expecting that the love You distributed years agoIs still as strong today as it wasthen Getting You much happiness , loveand joy To again enjoy.Happy Anniversary!!”

“Oh dear!! You understand how much I liked frustrating you on each one of these times, And I am rejoiced now to feel that I am still having that opportunity again, So why don’t we celebrate the Wedding anniversary.”

  • “I’ve found the paradox that easily love until it hurts, then there is absolutely no harm, but only more love.”

“Every rose has a figure distinct to itself. Every full calendar year of your relationship can be associated to at least one rose. Just what a time you guys experienced!” Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him

  • “I am crazy, I am a fool, I’ve done things that uncontrollable, So I’m really questioning why you’re still beside me. Probably because you’re exactly like me. Happy Anniversary!”

Happy Anniversary Love Quotes for Him

Happy Anniversary First Year Love Quotes for Him

“I don’t want a party, I don’t want a celebration. Being with you just, is life’s best surprise for me personally. Happy anniversary.”

“Our anniversary is not simply a celebration of our wedding day. It’s the celebration of each day to be married to an incredible guy as if you. Happy anniversary.”

  • “You’re the only person I wish to annoy for the others of my entire life. Happy loved-one’s birthday!”

“Many thanks for adoring me for who I am And to be always there for me personally. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!”

First Marriage Anniversary Quotes and Messages

  • “Every wedding anniversary makes me look again at our romance and recognize that I had fashioned the best a year of my entire life.” Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him

“Every Anniversary along marks another a year I’ve had to cope with and fight woman who make an effort to flirt with my attractive guy. It has been worth the combat though! Happy Anniversary good-looking boyfriend!”

  • “Our matrimony might have been a bumpy trip numerous quickness breakers, but that is exactly what has made us circumvent those road blocks and fly saturated in the sky. Happy wedding anniversary.”

“Along with you, I became an improved person. Without you, my entire life shall never be complete. Many thanks for choosing me as your spouse. Happy anniversary!”

  • “A very important thing that happened in my own life was achieving you. You have flipped my entire life into a blooming garden, A garden that is packed with life, A garden that brings enjoyment and pleasure.  Many thanks for everything, my love, happy wedding anniversary!”

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