21 Cute & Funny Mothers Day Quotes for Cards

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All new unique  Mothers Day Quotes for Cards  for the celebration of Mother’s Day 2016 . @  QuoteSkull.com we share with you latest Happy Mother’s Day Quotes, Messages with Greeting Cards for wish your mom on this 8th May.

Sending wishes to your mom on mother’s day for showing her your love and care. This is a very simple way to wish your mom by sending greetings and texting her to make her happy and proud on you. This day come only once in a year so u just have one chance don’t miss it. Here you can get some Funny Mothers Day Quotes with cards for your mom. You can send these quotes and cards to your mom on social sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to wish her.

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Mothers Day Quotes for Cards

Mothers day quotes for cards

“Although I am hoping you know already, my love for you grows and grows just!” Happy Mother’s Day

  • “I couldn’t have requested an improved mum!! Thanks a lot for getting me into this world and providing me the best always.”

“You’ve seen me have a good laugh, You’ve seen me weep, And you have there been with me at night always. I might not exactly have always said it. But thanks a lot and you are liked by me.” Happy Mother’s Day!

  • “The Magic of Life nurtured by a female who provided us love and sacrifice…Mom.

“With all the current special ways you show us that you service……..no think about we love you so much”! Have a lovely Mother’s Day

  • “Thanks a lot mum for supplying us the best chance in life. Wishing you a particular Moms Day.”

“You were the main one to instruct me how to identify what’s important in life and what’s not. Today Personally i think I did a reasonably good job at spotting the main person in my own life. It really is you! Happy Mother’s day! Plenty of love, hugs and kisses on the way.”

  • “There is absolutely no velvet so gentle as a mother’s lap, no increased as lovely as her look, no avenue so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps.”

“Only a mother can talk love without declaring a portrayed expression. For the countless unspoken ways that you show your love inside our family,  I hope you understand that you’re appreciated and loved beyond measure.”
Have a lovely Mother’s Day

  • “Thanks a lot for taking me into this world and adoring me for me personally always. You’re the best!”

“Is not any common day today. It really is mother’s day and since the world’s coolest Mom it is your every to enjoy just of it. So here’s wishing the most amazing girl nowadays I know, inside-out, an extremely Happy & Joyful Mother’s day. A whole load of love, kisses and hugs for you. Enjoy your entire day.”

  • “For the world you may be one person, but to 1 person you may be the world.”

“Mom, over the full years,  I’ve watched the beautiful ways you have made life special for us… the occasions of love and laughter,  the traditions and memories we’ll carry around  throughout our lives. But almost all of all I’ve watched just how you’ve shown us the true interpretation of love in all you do.”

  • “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! Thanks a lot for being the very best. You are treasured by us heaps mum!!” Mothers Day Quotes for Cards

“There’s never been a period or won’t come each day when you won’t be as important when you are if you ask me at the moment. You imply the earth if you ask me Mommy. I really like you much.” Happy Mother’s day.

  • “Is my mom my friend? I’d have to state, to begin with she actually is my Mom, with a capital ‘M’; she’s something sacred if you ask me. I dearly love her…yes, she actually is also a buddy, someone I could speak with easily want to openly.”

“Mommy, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t possess the sense to come in from the rain. Naturally, I also wouldn’t have this inordinate concern with getting pneumonia either!” Happy Mother’s Day

  • “I’m so delighted you are my mum!! Thanks a lot for providing me the best chance in life I really like you a good deal.”

“There’s never been a period or won’t come every day when you won’t be as important when you are if you ask me at the moment. You indicate the world if you ask me Mommy. I really like you a lot.” Happy Mother’s day.

  • “You are treasured by us mum!! We are able to never many thanks enough for all your love and encouragement you’ve given us. Wishing you an extremely special Mother’s Day. “

“Thank you to make our life so special because of your mere occurrence. Here’s wishing you an extremely special day and a lot of love & joy. I really like you very much dear mom.” Happy Mother’s day for you.

  • “My mom was the most amazing woman I ever before noticed. All I am I owe to my mom. I feature all my success in life to the moral, physical and intellectual education I received from her.” Mothers Day Quotes for Cards

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Inspirational Mothers Day Quotes for Cards from Daughter

Mommy Mothers day Quotes for Cards Funny


  • One morning hours, a lady proceeded to go in to awaken her child. “Awaken, son. It is time to go to college!”
    Boy: “But why Mother? I don’t want to go.”
    Mommy: “Give me two explanations why you do not want to go.”
    Kid: “Well, the small children hate me for just one, and the instructors hate me, too!”
    Mommy: “Oh, that’s no reason never to to visit school. Seriously and prepare yourself now.”
    Kid: “Give me two explanations why I will go to institution.”
    Mother: “Well, for just one, you’re 52 years of age. And then for another, you’re the main!”

“I Love HOW EXACTLY WE Don’t Even need to state aloud that i’m your selected child.”

  • “Parenthood is the passage of a baton,  accompanied by a lifelong disagreement concerning who decreased it.”
    -Robert Brault

“I’D LIKE My Children TO GET EVERYTHING I Couldn’t Afford. The I WISH TO MOVE AROUND IN With Them.”

  • A small young man is delivered to foundation by his mom…
    [Five minutes later]
    “I’m thirsty. Is it possible to bring me one glass of normal water?”
    “No. You’d your chance. Lighting out.”
    [Five minutes later]
    “I’m THIRSTY…MAY I have one glass of normal water??”
    ” you were advised by me! If you ask again I’ll have to spank you!!”
    [Five minutes later]
    “Whenever you come directly into spank me, is it possible to bring me one glass of normal water?”

“Having Kids Enables you to Look Firm TOWARDS THE INDIVIDUALS WHO Thought You Were Crazy, And Crazy TOWARDS THE INDIVIDUALS WHO Thought You Were Steady.”

  • “A suburban mother’s role is to provide children obstetrically once,  and by car after permanently.”

“Thanks mommy for having me to the world where love can be portrayed electronically.”

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