Zamasu Quotes

I am justice, I am the world!

Humanity’s potential for destruction is unfathomable.

Evil must be wiped from existence.

I shall cleanse this world of its impurities.

Embrace me, mortals, for I am your salvation.

The gods themselves tremble at my power.

In time, all will witness the divine perfection of my vision.

Do you not see the necessity of my actions?

Mortality is a plague that infects the cosmos.

I am the eternal flame of righteousness.

The universe will bow to my divine will.

Weak-minded mortals cannot comprehend my divine purpose.

I shall render all existence into nothingness.

There is no place for weakness in my perfect world.

Your defiance only strengthens my resolve.

I am the embodiment of justice itself.

The universe cries out for my divine intervention.

Mortals are an abomination, unworthy of existence.

You mortals are but pawns in my grand design.

I will purge this world of all impurity.

Rejoice, for I shall grant you absolution.

Destruction is the only path to true enlightenment.

I am the zenith of power and perfection.

Your insignificant resistance means nothing to me.

I will create a world free from suffering and sin.

Despair is the price you pay for your own arrogance.

Fear not my judgment, for it is righteous and just.

I am the hand that will reshape the universe.

This world is a pitiful existence, rife with imperfection.

I am the divine embodiment of order and control.

Your lives are merely grains of sand in the grand scheme of things.

Existence itself is an affront to my divine purpose.

Bow before my divine majesty.

I see through the lies of mortals, for I am eternal.

I am the harbinger of a new era, free of the stain of mortals.

Your struggles are in vain, for I am all-powerful.

Your attempts to resist are futile.

The annihilation of mortals is my sacred duty.

I am the architect of a perfect universe.

Your insignificance is staggering.

Mortals are but specks of dust in the grand cosmos.

I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

The destruction of this world is a necessary sacrifice.

Your mortal existence is an aberration.

I offer you the gift of annihilation, embrace it.

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