Life Quotes and Sayings Pictures for Teenager & Facebook

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Life Quotes and Sayings Pictures for Teenager & Facebook :  Hello friends searching for some unique collection of the Life Quotes and sayings for your love buddy, Little brother, sister or anyone. In this post we share with you latest collection of the Life Quotes and Sayings Pictures for teenage girls and boys which you can share on social sites like facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In and on other social sites where you want. Sending a life quotes to your love one to motivate some one is a very great hobby to show your love and care to someone. Its show you love and caring when you send a quote to wish them morning or night for just show your presence in his or her life. Hope you all going to like this awesome post on Life Quotes and Sayings.

Happy Cute Life Quotes Images for Facebook, Whatsapp

Life Quotes and Sayings

Life Quotes and Sayings

“Don’t weep because it’s over, laugh because it occurred.”
– Dr. Seuss

  • Is history yesterday. Is a mystery tomorrow. Is a present today. That is why it’s called today’s.

In the final end, it will not matter just how many breaths you had taken, but just how many occasions had taken your breathing away
– shing xiong

  • Real love is not predicated on romance, candlestick light meal and walks across the beach. Actually, is dependant on respect, compromise, trust and care.

The heart and soul considers what’s unseen to the attention sometimes. Jackson Brown, Jr.

  • “I’m selfish, impatient and just a little insecure. I make blunders, I am uncontrollable and sometimes hard to take care of. But if you cannot handle me within my most detrimental, then you sure as hell don’t are worthy of me within my best.”
    – Marilyn Monroe

Life isn’t about how precisely many breaths you take but about the occasions that take your breathe away.

  • When life offers you 100 reasons to weep, show life as one thousand reasons to laugh.
    – Unknown

Love does not desire a good reason. Pure love should come from the heart without reason and it will stay every season.

  • You understand you’re in love when you can’t drift off because the truth is finally much better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

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Life Quotes to Live by (35 Quotes)


  • Do not have regrets because at one point all you do in life was just what you wanted.

Never notify your problems to anyone…20% don’t worry and the other 80% are delighted you keep these things.

  • Love is not who you can view yourself with. It really is who you can’t see yourself without.

A bloom cannot blossom without sunlight, and man cannot live without love. Potential Muller

  • “You merely live once, but if it’s done by you right, once will do.”
    – Mae West

The very best things in life are unseen that is why we close our eye whenever we kiss cry and desire.

Shot Life Quotes and Sayings for Teenagers

Quote about life

Be who you are and say what you are feeling because those who mind don’t subject and the ones who matter don’t brain.
– Dr. Seuss

  • Its very easy to land in love but difficult to find somebody who will get you.

Love yourself first and the rest falls into collection. You truly have to love you to ultimately get anything done in this global world. Lucille Ball

  • “In three words I could summarize everything I’ve learned all about life: it continues on.”
    – Robert Frost

Things turn out best for folks who make the best out of the way things turn out.

  • “I always understood looking again on the tears would make me giggle, but I never recognized looking back again on the laughs would make me weep.”
    – Unknown

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Love is a dialect spoken by everyone but recognized only by center.

  • “Advice is exactly what we require when we know the solution but wish we didn’t.”
    – Erica Jong

“Being deeply adored by someone provides you strength, while adoring someone deeply provides you courage

  • “To live a life is the rarest part of the world. A lot of people are present, that is all.”
    – Oscar Wilde

Live for today rather than tomorrow Live for the Now and whats here Stop living for what maybe or what may never come Live for your day already here

  • Work as if you don’t need the amount of money, love like you’ve never been injure and party like no person is watching.
    – Randall G Leighton

Best Life Quotes and Sayings Pictures

Everyone knows how to love but few people learn how to stay static in love with one individual forever.

  • Throughout life people shall cause you to mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God offer with the basic things they certainly, cause hate in your center will ingest you too – Will Smith

“Insanity does a similar thing, again and again, but planning on different results.”
– Narcotics Anonymous

  • Each and every time that you harm me, every right time I sensed pain, every lay that you explained made me who I’m today.

When one door closes, another starts; but we often look such a long time therefore regretfully after the shut down door that people do not start to see the the one which has opened for all of us.
– Alexander Graham Bell

  • It takes a solid heart and soul to LOVE but it requires an even better heart and soul to LOVE following its been BROKEN.

Usually do not dwell before, do not imagine the future, focus your brain on today’s minute – Buddha

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