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life Quotes to Live by – If you want to motivate your little brother, sister, friend, mom, dad anyone then send him or her a Life Quotes to Live. If you not close to your dear one then send some quotes to inspire them in life you just need to text a Quote about life . It will surely help them to motivate and you can teach them a lesson about life how to live the life. These are not just some quotes its a way to teach a lesson to anyone you want You can also post these quotes with images on their social sites or you can tag them on your wall. See Example ” Dear Past Stop Tapping Me On The Shoulder I don’t Want To Look Back”.  You can send this type of quote to someone who don’t have good past and you want to motivate him or her in future.

Life Quotes to Live by

Life Quotes to Live by

1. Life is simple really, but we insist upon rendering it complicated. Confucius

2. The main thing is to take pleasure from your daily life – to be happy – it’s all that counts.
Audrey Hepburn

3. Don’t weep because it’s over, smile since it happened.? – Dr. Seuss

4. In three words I could summarize everything I’ve learned all about life: it continues on. – Robert Frost

5. Friends, good catalogs, and a sleepy conscience: this is actually the ideal life. – Mark Twain

6. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is approximately creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

7. Reality is constantly on the ruin my entire life. – Bill Watterson, THE ENTIRE Calvin and Hobbes

8. There is absolutely no royal street to anything. A very important factor at the same time, all simple things in succession. Whatever grows fast, withers as rapidly. Whatever grows gradually, endures. – Josiah Gilbert Holland

9. Be not afraid of life. Think that life will probably be worth living, as well as your notion can help create the actual fact. – William James

10. Wildness reminds us what this means to be individuals, what we are linked to than what we are separate from rather.
Terry Tempest Williams

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11. No person is superior, no one is second-rate, but no person is identical either. People are unique simply, incomparable. You are you, I am I.

12. Not many people are meant to maintain your future. Some individuals are just moving to educate you on lessons in life.

13. Life gives you another chance always. It?tomorrow s called.

14. Life is risky inherently. There is merely one big risk you should avoid no matter what, and this is the threat of doing nothing.

15. Your time and effort is bound, so don?t waste material it living another person?s life.

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16. I feel that really the only reason people store memories so small is because recollections will be the only things that dont change; when every person else does.

17. Being unfortunate with the right people is preferable to being pleased with the incorrect ones.

18. The sculptor produces the stunning statue by chipping away such elements of the marble stop as aren’t needed ? it is an activity of elimination.

20. Life is not about how precisely you survive the storm, it’s about how precisely you dance in the torrential rain.- Anonymous

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21. Life is a improvement, rather than a station. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

22. Life is usually to be lived, not managed, and mankind is triumphed in by continuing that can be played in face of certain beat. – Ralph Ellison

23. Life is a succession of lessons, which must be resided to be realized. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

24. Life is easy, it’s not easy. ~Writer Unknown

25. Life is similar to a coin. You are able to spend it any real way you want, nevertheless, you only spend it once. ~Lillian Dickson

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27. The complete world is life and change itself is but what you consider it. – Marcus Aurelius

28. Life isn?t a subject of milestones, but of occasions. – Rose Kennedy

29. Life is a foundation of water filling up from many springs and we seem to be never to know when one gushing movement will oe’r overflow the banks and then be succeeded by the drought. – Edgar Cayce

30. In the first morning hours of life, work; in the middle day give council; at night, pray. -Proverb

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31. Cause life is a lessons, it is learned by you when you?re through. – Limp Bizkit

32. And in the final end, it?s not the entire years in your daily life that matter. It?s the entire life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

33. No person can return back and start a fresh beginning, today and make a fresh closing but anyone can begin.- Maria Robinson

34. Whenever a man says he has worn out life one is aware of life has fatigued him always. – Oscar Wilde

35. Being that which you are, and become that which you can handle becoming, is the one end of life. – Robert Louis Stevenson

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