Dante Quotes from Devil May Cry

I’m not afraid of my demons, I embrace them.

In the depths of darkness, I find my strength.

I may be a devil, but I fight for what is right.

A hero without a past, forging my own destiny.

My sword is my salvation, my rebellion against fate.

Through the flames of hell, I rise.

I am the embodiment of chaos and justice.

Hell hath no fury like a half-demon scorned.

In the face of evil, I stand tall and defiant.

I am Dante, the demon slayer extraordinaire.

My style is unmatched, my swagger undeniable.

I make my own rules, neither heaven nor hell can contain me.

Power resides not in immortality, but in the choice to do what is right.

I am the one who walks the line between light and dark.

Evil may be cunning, but I am cleverer.

Through blood and pain, I find my purpose.

I may be a half-breed, but I possess the strength of both worlds.

My demons fuel me, but my humanity guides me.

I walk the path of vengeance, striking fear into the hearts of demons.

I am the epitome of rebellion, a thorn in the side of the underworld.

My mission is simple: exterminate every last demon.

Evil may be powerful, but I am unstoppable.

Through every battle, I become more than just a man.

I embrace my inner darkness, using it as a weapon against evil.

Failure is not an option, for I am a man of unwavering determination.

Even in the darkest of times, there is a glimmer of hope.

I may be a demon hunter, but my heart beats with humanity.

I walk the path of shadows, bringing justice to the unjust.

In the face of adversity, I rise above.

To wield a sword is to hold the power of life and death in your hands.

My battle cry echoes through the corridors of hell, striking fear into the souls of demons.

With every swing of my sword, I cleave through the darkness.

The only thing more dangerous than a demon is a demon with a vendetta.

I am the embodiment of vengeance, a force to be reckoned with.

I choose my own path, unbound by the chains of fate.

In the eyes of a demon, I am a nightmare come to life.

To conquer evil, one must first conquer their own inner demons.

I am the storm that rages, consuming all in its wake.

The devil fears not death, for he is already in hell.

To face a demon is to stare into the abyss and emerge victorious.

I am the harbinger of justice, a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

In the face of adversity, my resolve only grows stronger.

I am the hero that hell never saw coming.

Through fire and brimstone, I find my purpose.

I am Dante, the slayer of demons, and I will never back down.

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