Avocado Sayings

  1. Avocado: the green gold of nature.
  2. Spreading happiness, one avocado at a time.
  3. The avocado: a heart-healthy hug in a peel.
  4. You’re the avocado to my toast.
  5. Life’s better with avocado.
  6. Keep calm and eat avocados.
  7. I avoca-dare you to try it.
  8. Guac and roll with the avocados.
  9. Avocado: the ultimate toast booster.
  10. Spread love like you spread avocado.
  11. Avocado: fueling millennials one toast at a time.
  12. The best things in life are green, like avocados.
  13. You can’t make everyone happy; you’re not an avocado.
  14. Avocado: the tastiest way to go green.
  15. You’ve guac to be kidding me!
  16. Make life flavorful with avocado.
  17. Avocado: a love story that never ends.
  18. You had me at avocado.
  19. Avocado: the crown jewel of the produce aisle.
  20. Live life on the green side with avocados.
  21. Avocado: nature’s butter.
  22. Get your daily dose of green goodness.
  23. Live, love, laugh, and eat avocados.
  24. An avocado a day keeps the doctor away.
  25. You complete me, avocado.
  26. Avocado: the little green gem of happiness.
  27. When life gives you avocados, make guacamole.
  28. You’re the guac to my chip.
  29. Add some zest to your life with avocados
  30. I’m in a serious relation-chip with avocado.
  31. Avocado is my spirit fruit.
  32. Embrace the power of the mighty avocado.
  33. Keep your friends close and your avocados closer.
  34. There’s no such thing as too much avocado.
  35. Life without avocado is like a toast without butter.
  36. Avocado: making salads exciting since forever.
  37. Avocado: small in size, big in benefits.
  38. May your life be as rich as an avocado.
  39. You’re everything I avo wanted.
  40. When in doubt, add avocado.
  41. Avocado: a little green, a lot of love.
  42. Let’s avo-cuddle.
  43. Avocado: the heart’s favorite fruit.
  44. One avocado a day keeps blandness away.
  45. Life’s too short to skip the avocado.
  46. Avocado: making life extra delicious.
  47. A world without avocado is a world I don’t want to live in.
  48. You’re the ripest avocado in the bunch.
  49. The secret ingredient to a better day: avocado.
  50. Avocado: the gift that keeps on giving.
  51. Give me avocado or give me nothing.
  52. The answer to all of life’s problems: avocado.
  53. Love at first bite: avocado.
  54. Keep your standards high and your avocado ripe
  55. Avocado: the superhero of the fruit world.
  56. Every avocado has its day.
  57. Avocado is the spice of life.
  58. Avo-nly got eyes for you.
  59. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy avocados.
  60. Avocado is the key to my heart.
  61. Avocado: the smooth operator.
  62. An avocado’s embrace can conquer any taste.
  63. Avocado, you make my heart sing.
  64. It’s not easy being green, but avocado makes it look effortless.
  65. Make every meal avo-mazing.
  66. Let’s avo good time together.
  67. The world is your avocado; slice it open and enjoy.
  68. Avocado: a love language all its own.
  69. Don’t worry, be avo-happy.
  70. Beauty is in the eye of the avocado holder.
  71. The avocado life chose me.
  72. You’re avo-control amazing.
  73. Avocado is the new black.
  74. I’ll never avo-leave you.
  75. Avocado is always a good idea.
  76. Avocado: a hug from the inside.
  77. Let your love for avocado shine.
  78. Avocado: a taste of sunshine on a cloudy day.
  79. Spread the joy of avocado to the world.
  80. Avocado: the fruit that stole our hearts.
  81. The future is bright; the future is avocado.
  82. With every bite, an avocado unites.
  83. Avocado: where the flavor and health meet.
  84. In a world full of apples, be an avocado.
  85. Keep your cool like an avocado.
  86. Green is the new awesome: avocado.
  87. Avocado: a toast to the good life.
  88. Follow your heart, and it will lead you to avocado.
  89. Every avocado is a masterpiece.
  90. Don’t be afraid to avo little fun.
  91. All you need is love and avocado.
  92. Avocado: a small fruit with a big personality.
  93. Beauty is in the peel of the avocado.
  94. The avocado life is the good life.
  95. Dreams do come true, and they taste like avocado.
  96. Avocado: proof that good things come in small packages.
  97. A life without avocado is like a sky without stars.
  98. Let the love for avocado grow.
  99. The best way to predict the future is to create it with avocado.
  100. Avocado: a taste that never goes out of style.

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