Three Stooges Quotes – Classic Comedy One-Liners That Will Have You Laughing

  • I’m just a victim of soicumstance! – Curly
  • I’m trying to think, but nothing happens! – Curly
  • Why, certainly… nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! – Curly
  • Hey, Moe, look at the birdie! – Curly
  • Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard! – Curly
  • I’m a victim of coicumstance! – Curly
  • Oh, a wise guy, eh? – Moe
  • Spread out! – Moe
  • I’m warning you, Stooge! – Moe
  • Hello, Hello, Hello… What’s the big idea!?! – Larry
  • Hey Moe, my nose is bleeding! – Larry
  • I can’t think linear, I think perpendicular! – Curly
  • I’ve got a sharp pain in my eye every time I breath! – Curly
  • You rotten kids! Get off my lawn! – Moe

Funny Quotes about Three Stooges

  • Well, a day’s pay for a day’s work! – Moe
  • I’m trying to think, but nothing’s happening! – Curly
  • I’ll tell you what, I’ll stay away from you if you stay away from me! – Moe
  • Whoop, whoop, whoop! – Curly
  • I’m a victim of soicumstance! – Curly
  • I’m a doctor of water! – Curly
  • My head! My noggin! My cranium! I should sue! – Larry
  • These job interviews are for the birds. Why don’t they come to us? – Moe
  • Why don’t you knuckleheads keep quiet?!? – Larry
  • I’m gonna rip your face apart! – Moe
  • Hey, you guys, I heard a strange noise. I think it came from Curly’s room…I peeked through the keyhole and it was empty! – Larry
  • Why don’t you go somewhere and hang yourself? – Moe
  • Hello, ma’am. You know, you haven’t lived until you’ve hugged a gorilla. – Curly
  • You’re a learn’d man, I don’t know what you said, but I agree with it. – Curly
  • I’m smart! – Curly

Famous Sayings about Three Stooges

  • I can’t help it, I was born timid. – Curly
  • I’ll show you how to walk, ya big moose. – Moe
  • I object! I demand justice! I want to wash my face and comb my hair! – Curly
  • You got me in a dither! – Curly
  • I’ll nail your heads to the floor! – Moe
  • I’m gonna shave it off. It’ll grow back on! – Curly
  • I’ve been ventilated. I’m full of lead! – Curly
  • I could dance with you till the cows come home. On second thought, I’d rather dance with the cows till you come home. – Curly
  • I’m a little lamb… I’m a little lamb! – Moe
  • Give me a good honest pains-taking fake and like me! – Larry
  • Hello, Mr. Dunn. I used to play in your orchestra. – Curly
  • You’ll know I’ll think; I’ll think you were crazy! – Curly
  • No, I’m tazmanian devil! – Curly
  • Now, we’ll find out whether I’m crazy or not! – Curly
  • Shaddap, shaddap, shut up. – Moe
  • In other words, you mean… ulp, ulp, ulp! – Curly

FAQ Three Stooges Quotes

How did Moe Howard become a prominent figure in slapstick comedy?

Moe Howard became a central figure in slapstick comedy through his leadership and comic timing as a member of the Three Stooges, alongside brothers Curly and Shemp Howard, and later with Larry Fine.

What are some iconic scenes involving Larry and Curly from their television appearances?

Iconic scenes often featured Larry and Curly engaging in humorous, exaggerated physical comedy that showcased their impeccable timing and unique character quirks, making them beloved figures in classic television.

Can you describe Larry Fine’s role within the trio?

Larry Fine served as a perfect foil to Moe’s bossy persona and Curly’s childlike antics, contributing to the dynamic that made the trio famous for their slapstick humor.

What led to Curly Howard’s departure from the act, and how did it impact the group?

Curly Howard suffered a series of strokes that forced him to retire, significantly impacting the group’s dynamic and leading to Shemp Howard’s return to the lineup.

After Curly’s exit, how did Shemp Howard integrate back into the comedy act?

Brother Shemp Howard seamlessly rejoined the group, bringing his own distinctive style of humor and helping to maintain the high energy and comedic essence of the act.

In what way did Moe and Larry continue to evolve their act following the changes in group members?

Moe and Larry adapted by integrating new members Joe Besser and later Curly Joe DeRita, ensuring the act continued to thrive and evolve while maintaining its core comedic elements.

What contributions did Ted Healy make to the early stages of the Stooges’ careers?

Ted Healy was instrumental in forming the original act, “Ted Healy and His Stooges,” which included Moe, Larry, and initially Shemp Howard, helping launch their careers in slapstick comedy with films like “Soup to Nuts.”

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