The Burbs Quotes

In the suburbs, life is a game of keeping up with the Joneses.

In the burbs, everyone’s lawns are immaculate, but their lives are far from perfect.

The burbs: where neighborly gossip is the local currency.

In the burbs, you can always count on Mr. Smith’s daily wave as he picks up his morning newspaper.

The burbs: where cul-de-sacs lead to dead ends and dead dreams.

In the burbs, every house has a white picket fence and a secret behind closed doors.

The burbs: where front porch swings are the best seats for people-watching.

In the suburbs, conformity is the path to acceptance and individuality is frowned upon.

The burbs: where barbecues are a weekend ritual and wine coolers flow like water.

In the burbs, everyone’s secrets are hidden behind perfectly manicured hedges.

The burbs: where the sound of lawnmowers fills the air and dreams are drowned out.

In the suburbs, you can hear a pin drop at 9 pm, but the silence speaks volumes.

The burbs: where the dog’s bark is the most exciting thing to happen all day.

In the burbs, the mailman is the most reliable source of neighborhood news.

The burbs: where white vans are a cause for suspicion and gossip spreads like wildfire.

In the suburbs, keeping up appearances is a full-time job with no paid vacation.

The burbs: where lemonade stands are a rite of passage and childhood dreams are born.

In the burbs, everyone’s got a secret, but nobody’s willing to spill the beans.

The burbs: where the sound of laughter echoes in the distance, masking the pain.

In the suburbs, dinner parties are the pinnacle of social status.

The burbs: where cookie-cutter houses hide unique lives and broken dreams.

In the burbs, garages are filled with forgotten dreams and dusty bicycles.

The burbs: where the sound of sprinklers is the lullaby of a quiet life.

In the suburbs, the PTA is the breeding ground for passive-aggressive battles.

The burbs: where nosy neighbors know more about you than you know about yourself.

In the burbs, everybody’s got a story, but nobody’s willing to share.

The burbs: where block parties are an excuse to show off perfectly curated lives.

In the suburbs, gossip travels faster than a ping pong ball in a windstorm.

The burbs: where kids roam the streets in search of adventure, but find only

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