Sayings for crazy

Sometimes you have to go a little crazy to stay sane.

Normal is overrated, let your crazy out!

Do something crazy and make memories.

Embrace your inner weirdo.

Crazy is just another word for unique.

Let your freak flag fly.

Life is too short to be normal.

In a world full of ordinary, dare to be crazy.

Crazy is contagious, spread it around!

Find your tribe, even if they’re a little crazy.

The best adventures start with a little bit of crazy.

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.

Crazy is my favorite accessory.

Dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are!

Normal people scare me, crazy people intrigue me.

Keep calm and get a little crazy.

Being crazy doesn’t mean you’re broken; it means you’re unique.

The only way to truly live is to let the crazy out.

Crazy is just a state of mind.

Life is too short for boring.

Let your crazy shine bright like a diamond.

Don’t let the world tame your wild spirit.

Crazy is the spice of life.

You were born to stand out, not fit in.

Normal is an illusion created by society.

The world needs more crazy thinkers and doers.

Too much sanity may be madness.

Life is a journey, embrace the crazy detours.

Normalcy is for the timid.

The crazier the idea, the better the adventure.

Crazy people see the world in vibrant colors.

The best conversations are always with the craziest people.

Being normal is overrated; be boldly, unapologetically yourself.

Crazy people have the best stories.

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it.

The world needs more crazy laughter.

Crazy is just another word for passion.

Don’t be afraid to take the road less sane.

Let your crazy light shine, it might just inspire others.

Normal is boring, embrace your madness.

Crazy people are just brave enough to be themselves.

Life is too short to be anything but a little bit crazy.

The best memories are made when you’re a little bit crazy.

Normal is for the birds; be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Go ahead, be as crazy as you want; life’s too short to be anything but extraordinary.

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