Quotes from Robocop

  • Dead or alive, you’re coming with me. – Robocop
  • I’d buy that for a dollar! – Bixby Snyder
  • Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law. – Prime Directive
  • Your move, creep. – Robocop
  • Murphy, it’s you! – Anne Lewis
  • I’m not arresting you anymore. I’m gonna kill you…dead. – Robocop
  • Stay out of trouble! – Robocop
  • I’m only programmed to serve beverages. – Robocop
  • I don’t want to see any trouble from you, Robocop. – Commander
  • What’s your name? – Robocop
  • I can feel them, but I can’t remember them. – Robocop
  • My friends call me Murphy. You can call me… Robocop. – Murphy
  • Thank you for your cooperation. – Robocop
  • I’m not arresting you anymore, Leon. I’m gonna kill you…dead. – Robocop
  • There’s a new guy in town. His name’s Robocop. – Bob Morton
  • You’re not going anywhere! – Robocop
  • Let the woman go, you are under arrest! – Robocop

Famous Quotes from Robocop

  • Dead or alive, you’re coming with me! – Robocop
  • Freeze! – Robocop
  • You’ve seen too much! Prepare to meet your maker! – Clarence Boddicker
  • Nothing like a good cigar after a tough day of crime-fighting. – Robocop
  • Your body may be mechanical, but your soul still burns with the fire of justice. – Robocop
  • Your move, punk. – Robocop
  • I will not rest until crime is eradicated in this city. – Robocop
  • I am the future of law enforcement. – Robocop
  • I am programmed to serve and protect the citizens of this city. – Robocop
  • In our society, law enforcement has become a business. – Robocop
  • I’ve been programmed to feel pain, but I’m not afraid to die. – Robocop
  • I am the law, and I will bring justice to those who deserve it. – Robocop
  • Justice is blind, but I see everything. – Robocop
  • I may be half-man, half-machine, but I’m all cop. – Robocop
  • Your crime spree ends here. – Robocop
  • You’ve crossed the line, and now it’s time to pay the price. – Robocop
  • This city needs law and order, and I am the one who will deliver it. – Robocop

Motivational Quotes

  • The city is a dangerous place, but with me on the streets, criminals don’t stand a chance. – Robocop
  • I am the enforcer of justice, the protector of the innocent, and the nightmare of criminals. – Robocop
  • I am the embodiment of justice, a symbol of hope in a corrupt world. – Robocop
  • My mission is to protect and serve, and I will fulfill that mission at any cost. – Robocop
  • I am the weapon of the future, a force that cannot be stopped or defeated. – Robocop
  • I will bring order to chaos, and those who oppose me will be dealt with swiftly and without mercy. – Robocop
  • Crime may be rampant, but I am the antidote that will restore balance to this city. – Robocop
  • I am the ultimate crime-fighting machine, and I will not rest until every criminal is behind bars. – Robocop
  • My existence is the result of human innovation and determination, and I am a testament to what we can achieve when we put our minds to it. – Robocop
  • I may not feel emotions like a human, but I feel a sense of duty and responsibility to protect and serve the people of this city. – Robocop
  • I am Robocop, and I am here to restore order and justice to this city.

FAQ  Robocop Quotes

What happens to Dick Jones when RoboCop tries to arrest him under Directive 4?

When RoboCop attempts to arrest Dick Jones, a senior officer of OCP, Directive 4 activates, preventing him from proceeding as it results in an automatic shutdown of his system.

In the film, how does Alex Murphy become RoboCop?

After being critically injured in the line of duty, Alex Murphy is transformed into RoboCop by OCP, leveraging advanced technology to create a powerful cyborg law enforcement officer.

What role does Leon Nash play in the storyline involving RoboCop and OCP?

Leon Nash is one of the criminals involved in the murder of Alex Murphy, who later faces justice at the hands of RoboCop, reflecting the cyborg’s quest for closure and law enforcement.

What significant action does RoboCop take during a hostage situation?

RoboCop shoots through a wall to neutralize a criminal holding hostages, demonstrating his advanced targeting capabilities and commitment to saving lives.

How does the film depict the psychological transformation of Alex Murphy into RoboCop?

The psychological profile of Alex Murphy evolves dramatically as he transitions from an ordinary police officer to RoboCop, struggling with remnants of his human memories and his new identity as a cyborg.

What is Dick Jones’s view on his position at OCP?

Dick Jones, proud of his role, often boasts, “I’m number two around here,” reflecting his high status within the company and his ambitions within the corporate hierarchy.

How does RoboCop handle the corruption within OCP?

RoboCop ultimately confronts and exposes the corruption within OCP, including actions by senior officers like Dick Jones, who had previously enjoyed immunity due to their corporate positions.

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