Ralph Kramden Quotes

One of these days, Alice… pow! Right to the moon.

I’ve got a one-way ticket to the moon and I’m not afraid to use it, baby!

I’m the king of the world, Alice! And you’re the queen by my side.

In this jungle, baby, I’m the biggest gorilla around!

To the moon, Alice! That’s where I’ll send all my worries.

I may not have a lot of money, but I’ve got a heart full of love for you, Alice.

Alice, you’re the honey in my coffee, the sugar in my tea.

I may not be the smartest guy around, but I’ve got the biggest dreams.

Alice, our love is like a never-ending sitcom – full of laughs and surprises.

Life is a Honeymooners episode, Alice. We just have to find the right punchline.

Alice, we’re a match made in heaven, even if sometimes we argue like hell.

I may not have all the answers, but I’ll always have a wisecrack ready for you, Alice.

Alice, you’re my ticket to happiness, even if it means going on a bus to the moon.

You’re my number one, Alice. The rest is just a bunch of zeros.

Some men dream of fame and fortune, but all I need is your love, Alice.

Alice, you’re the jackpot in the lottery of life.

I’ll take a swing and hit a home run, Alice. You can count on that.

Every day with you, Alice, is a chance to rewrite our love story.

Alice, we may not have it all, but with love, we have everything.

Like a bowling ball hitting the pins, our love strikes to the heart, Alice.

Every setback is just a step closer to success, Alice. We’ll get there.

Alice, no matter how tough life gets, we’ll always find our way back to each other.

Our love is like a sitcom marathon, Alice – it never gets old.

Alice, you’re the punchline to all my jokes, the laughter in my life.

We may not have a fancy car, but our love is like a smooth ride, Alice.

Alice, we’re a comedy duo made for each other – Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.

Like a loose cannon, I’m ready to explode with love for you, Alice.

Alice, you’re the light in my life, guiding me through the darkness.

We may not have a penthouse, Alice, but our love will always be on top.

Alice, we’re a couple of misfits, but together we create harmony.

Life may be a bumpy ride, Alice, but with you by my side, it’s an adventure worth taking.

Alice, you’re the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae.

Just like Ralph and Alice, we’re an unbeatable team, Alice.

You’re my leading lady, Alice, and together we’ll steal the show.

Alice, you’re the applause to my success, the standing ovation in my heart.

No matter what challenges come our way, Alice, we’ll face them together with a smile.

I may not be a millionaire, Alice, but our love is priceless.

We may not live in a mansion, Alice, but our love is a castle.

Alice, you’re my lucky charm in this crazy game of life.

We may not have a yacht, Alice, but we’ll sail through life together.

Just like a magic trick, Alice, love can turn a frown into a smile.

Life is like a comedy show, Alice – you never know what’s coming next.

With you by my side, Alice, the sky’s the limit!

Alice, you’re the laughter in my life, the reason I keep going.

To the moon and back, Alice. That’s how far my love for you goes.

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