Quotes to Remember Stillbirth

Though our baby never took a breath, they forever took ours away.

In our hearts, they will always be alive, just not in our arms.

A stillbirth, felt deep within the soul.

They were loved before they were ever held.

A thousand tears cannot bring you back, but a lifetime of love can keep you close.

Too precious for this earth, they now watch over us from above.

In our dreams, you dance among the stars.

You are not forgotten, even though we cannot hold you.

In the midst of grief, love remains.

Gone too soon, but forever in our hearts.

Their absence is a heavy weight, but their memory brings us strength.

Not a day goes by without thoughts of the one we lost.

They may not be here, but their love is everlasting.

The pain may fade, but the love remains.

For every moment missed, a lifetime of love will make up for it.

In our hearts, you will always be a part of our family.

A stillbirth reminds us of the fragility of life, and the depth of love.

In the silence of the stillbirth, we find solace in their eternal love.

Their tiny feet may never touch the ground, but their presence is felt forever.

A stillbirth is a silent scream of a love that can never be seen.

Even in the darkness of grief, their light still shines.

In the garden of our hearts, they are a beautiful flower that forever blooms.

A stillbirth may have taken their physical presence, but it can never take away their impact.

Our loss is immeasurable, but so is our love for the little one we lost.

In the stillness of our grief, we find strength to carry on.

Their time on earth may have been brief, but their imprint on our souls is everlasting.

Not flesh of our flesh, but a part of our being nonetheless.

They may be gone, but their spirit lives on within us.

Through the pain of stillbirth, we learn the true meaning of unconditional love.

Grief may break our hearts, but it also opens them to a deeper level of compassion.

In the void of their absence, we find strength in their memory.

A stillbirth may have taken their breath, but it cannot take away our love.

Their life may have been unseen, but their impact will always be felt.

Their tiny heart may have stopped, but ours will forever beat in their memory.

Grief is the price we pay for the love we shared with our stillborn child.

Their stillbirth taught us the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.

Our silent grief speaks volumes about the love we hold for our stillborn child.

In the hushed whispers of our grief, their spirit speaks ever louder.

For every tear shed, there is a prayer whispered for our stillborn child.

Though their body was stillborn, their love continues to grow within us.

A stillbirth is a heartache that words cannot fully express.

We may never know the sound of their laughter, but their memory will always bring us joy.

A stillbirth is not the end of a life, but the beginning of an eternal bond.

In the stillness of their absence, we find peace in their everlasting love.

Our stillborn child may not be with us on earth, but they will forever be with us in spirit.

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