Quotes by Warsan Shire

My words are my rebellion.

In the chaos, I found my voice.

In every drop of ink, a story unfolds.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but it takes courage to wield it.

I write to heal the wounds that cannot be seen.

I am the darkness that seeks the light.

In pain, truth is born.

I am ink stained and imperfect, but my words are my truth.

And in the end, the words we write become our legacy.

In poetry, the heart is set free.

With every word, I take back a piece of myself.

In the silence, my words echo.

I am a warrior with words as my weapon.

Through my words, I find solace.

My scars tell a story, but my words give it life.

I write to resist, to challenge, to provoke.

In my words, I find meaning.

From the ashes, my words rise.

I write to reclaim what was stolen.

I write to rewrite the narratives that bind us.

In the depths of despair, hope is born.

In poetry, I find sanctuary.

With each word, I am reborn.

I am the voice of the voiceless, the forgotten.

In words, I find liberation.

From darkness, light emerges.

Through my words, I am resurrected.

In the storms of life, my words are my shelter.

In my words, I paint a picture of my truth.

I am a vessel for the untold stories.

In poetry, I find refuge.

I write to unravel the mysteries of existence.

My words carry the weight of my ancestors.

In my ink-stained hands, the power to shape worlds.

Through my words, I honor the pain of those who came before.

With every stroke of the pen, a revolution unfolds.

In the symphony of words, I find harmony.

I write to bridge the divides that separate us.

In my words, I find freedom.

Through poetry, I give voice to the silenced.

I am a refugee of words, seeking sanctuary in the page.

I write to confront the demons that haunt us.

In my words, I find redemption.

Through my words, I rewrite my own destiny.

I am a poet, and my words are my weapons.

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