Quotes about girls and boys

Girls compete with each other, women empower one another.

Boys will be boys, but girls will change the world.

A strong girl shakes the world with her softness.

You don’t need a prince charming, you need a champion.

Girls don’t just run the world, they also run with the wolves.

Boys may come and go, but self-love is forever.

Girls who aim for the stars have the power to change the world.

Boys may wear the crown, but girls are the real rulers.

Girls are like diamonds, rare and precious.

Boys break hearts, but girls heal them.

The world is full of boys, be a man.

Girls are not fragile dolls, they are fierce warriors.

Boys may be attracted to looks, but girls are attracted to ambition.

Behind every great girl, there’s a supportive community of other strong girls.

Boys don’t define you, you define yourself.

Girls may be sugar and spice, but they’re also fire and ice.

Boys grow into men, but girls blossom into fierce goddesses.

Girls make waves, boys ride them.

Boys give you butterflies, but girls give you wings.

Girls don’t need a knight in shining armor, they are their own superheroes.

Boys may think they’re kings, but girls are queens in disguise.

Girls are not just flowers, they are the entire garden.

Boys follow trends, girls set them.

Girls are not damsels in distress, they are warriors in progress.

Boys break hearts, but girls break boundaries.

Girls are like stars, they shine brightest on their own.

Boys may have muscles, but girls have strength of character.

Girls are not afraid to get dirt on their hands, they’re too busy building their empires.

Boys may be loud, but girls speak volumes with their actions.

Girls add color to the world, boys are just spectators.

Boys may have strength in numbers, but girls have strength in unity.

Girls are not afraid of the dark, they’re the ones who bring the light.

Boys may play with fire, but girls are the ones who harness its power.

Girls may bend, but they never break.

Boys chase the wind, but girls let the wind carry them.

Girls don’t need permission, they need determination.

Boys may fight for glory, but girls fight for justice.

Girls are not just dreams, they are dreams come true.

Boys may make noise, but girls make music.

Girls don’t just dream of change, they make it happen.

Boys conquer the world, but girls conquer hearts.

Girls don’t wait for the perfect moment, they create it.

Boys fight for power, but girls fight for equality.

Girls are like stars, they burn bright without needing validation.

Boys may wear the crown, but girls wear the universe.

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