Quotes about affairs

The heart wants what it wants.

Love is a reckless wind, blowing wherever it pleases.

In the game of love, there are no winners or losers, only players.

Affairs of the heart can be the most exhilarating and the most devastating experiences.

Love has no boundaries, no rules, and no apologies.

A secret affair may be thrilling, but it often leaves a trail of pain and regret.

In the affair of love, there are no guarantees, only risks worth taking.

Love is a fire that consumes without remorse.

Affairs are like wildflowers, beautiful but often destructive if left unattended.

An affair can bring excitement, but it can also bring destruction.

In the labyrinth of affairs, it’s easy to lose yourself.

An affair is a journey into the unknown, where desire and danger intertwine.

Affairs can be like beautifully written tragedies – captivating, yet ultimately destructive.

The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s not what it should have.

In affairs of the heart, the line between love and lust can become blurred.

An affair is a temporary escape, a momentary respite from the realities of life.

Love is a fierce flame that can burn us but also illuminate our lives.

Affairs may bring temporary pleasure, but they often leave lasting scars.

Affairs are the whispers of the heart, calling us to explore the forbidden.

Love is a dance, and affairs are its forbidden steps.

In the realm of affairs, loyalty becomes an elusive virtue.

An affair is like a clandestine meeting between two souls who are lost in desire.

Love is a wild beast that can either devour us or set us free.

Affairs are like quicksand – once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.

Love is an untamed passion that can unleash our most primal desires.

In affairs of the heart, there are no maps or compasses, only the wild call of desire.

An affair is a stolen moment of happiness, a forbidden pleasure that lingers.

Love is a dangerous game that we all play, willing to risk our hearts for a taste of ecstasy.

Affairs are like fireworks – they light up the sky but leave behind ashes.

Love is a dangerous addiction, and affairs are its potent elixir.

In the shadows of affairs, hearts become entangled in a web of desire.

Affairs are like whispers in the wind – heard by few, felt by many.

Love can be a mystery, an enigma that we spend our lives trying to unravel.

An affair is a secret garden, where desire blooms and passion thrives.

In the realm of affairs, trust becomes a fragile thread that can easily be broken.

Love is a battlefield, and affairs are the casualties of war.

Affairs are like shooting stars – they burn brightly but fade away too soon.

In the dance of affairs, hearts collide like shooting stars in the night sky.

Love is a double-edged sword, capable of both healing and destroying.

An affair is a secret dance, where emotions tangle and desires intertwine.

Affairs are like a forbidden fruit – tempting and dangerous, but oh so sweet.

In the realm of passion, reason becomes a distant memory.

Love is a symphony of emotions, and affairs are its most passionate notes.

Affairs are like whirlwinds, sweeping us off our feet and leaving us breathless.

In the eternal dance of love and lust, affairs are the forbidden steps that ignite our souls.

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