Quotable Gremlins – Memorable Lines from the Classic Film

Don’t feed him after midnight.

You want a pet? Get a dog.

Gremlins are not just mythical creatures, they’re troublemakers.

A little kindness goes a long way, even with Gremlins.

There’s nothing scarier than a Gremlin with a smile.

Don’t let a little bit of cuteness fool you, Gremlins are dangerous.

The Gremlin’s mischievous nature is what makes them so intriguing.

The rules are there for a reason; don’t break them.

There’s no such thing as a friendly Gremlin.

Once a Gremlin, always a menace.

Don’t trust a Gremlin to be on their best behavior.

Gremlins may be small, but they can cause big problems.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a Gremlin.

Be careful who you give a Mogwai to, they can easily become a Gremlin.

Sometimes it’s better to let sleeping Gremlins lie.

No amount of feeding can tame a Gremlin’s wild side.

Never let a Gremlin near a kitchen.

Gremlins thrive on chaos and destruction.

You can’t reason with a Gremlin, only contain them.

There’s a reason why Gremlins are creatures of the night.

Gremlins are like naughty children, but with fangs.

The sound of a Gremlin laugh sends shivers down your spine.

Gremlins are not just a figment of our imagination, they’re real.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about Gremlins.

The only thing worse than one Gremlin is an army of them.

Don’t let a Mogwai trick you into thinking they’re harmless.

Gremlins are the ultimate test of your patience.

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild Gremlin ride.

If you can’t handle a Gremlin at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.

The only way to defeat a Gremlin is with light.

Gremlins have a knack for finding trouble wherever they go.

There’s no escaping a Gremlin once they set their sights on you.

Gremlins are like cats, they do whatever they please.

A Gremlin’s curiosity is what leads to their downfall.

The key to surviving a Gremlin attack is to stay calm and think fast.

Spilled water is like a welcome mat for Gremlins.

Gremlins have a unique sense of humor, but it’s not always funny.

Gremlins may be small, but they’re mighty in their mischief.

Never let your guard down when there’s a Gremlin around.

Gremlins have a way of turning the ordinary into chaos.

Don’t underestimate the strength of a Gremlin’s bite.

The destructive power of a Gremlin is unmatched.

Gremlins have a sixth sense for finding trouble.

Gremlins are like magicians, they can disappear and reappear in an instant.

The best defense against a Gremlin is a good offense.

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