Powerful Child Abuse Quotes To Raise Awareness and Advocate for Change

Every child deserves to grow up free from abuse.

Child abuse leaves scars that last a lifetime.

Children are not punching bags.

Stop child abuse, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Children should be protected, not hurt.

Protecting children is protecting our future.

Child abuse shatters innocence.

Speak up for the voiceless children.

Abuse robs children of their childhood.

Love, not abuse, should shape a child’s soul.

Break the cycle of abuse, start with love.

Child abuse is a crime against humanity.

Every child has the right to feel safe and loved.

Child abuse is a tragedy that can be prevented.

Children need our protection, not our cruelty.

Abuse thrives in silence, break the silence.

Smallest victims, biggest impact: end child abuse.

Children are a gift, not a burden.

Don’t let children suffer in silence.

Child abuse is never justifiable.

Protect children, protect our future.

Be a hero, stand up against child abuse.

Child abuse leaves permanent scars on innocent souls.

Every child deserves to be nurtured, not abused.

Children should be cherished, not beaten.

Child abuse: a reality we must confront.

No child should live in fear.

Abuse kills innocence and dreams.

Let’s create a world where no child suffers.

Children deserve love, not pain.

Children are our greatest responsibility and our greatest joy.

Break the cycle of abuse, break the chains that bind.

Every child deserves a childhood, free from abuse.

Child abuse is a scar on society’s conscience.

Child abuse shatters dreams and potential.

Protecting children is a duty, not an option.

Abuse destroys, love heals.

Child abuse: a silent epidemic that must be stopped.

Stand up for the rights of the innocent.

Children are our future, let’s protect them.

Child abuse is never a solution.

Speak up, break the silence, end child abuse.

Child abuse is a darkness we must overcome.

Let’s raise children with love, not with fists.

Protecting children is an act of love and justice.

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