Pooh Shiesty Quotes

I don’t trust anyone, not even my shadow.

I hustle hard, it’s in my DNA.

Grinding ’til I shine, never settling for less.

I stay focused, never let distractions get in my way.

Check my pockets, they stay full of green.

I’m a boss, always making power moves.

Stay true to yourself, never be a fake.

I’m about that action, no talking.

Stacking up my paper, gotta get that bread.

I’m a soldier in this game, always ready for war.

Life is a gamble, and I’m all in.

Stay loyal to your crew, never switch sides.

Success is the best revenge.

Keep your enemies close and your friends closer.

I’m the king of my city, ruling with an iron fist.

Business first, everything else comes second.

I’m a shark in a world full of minnows.

Dream big, hustle harder.

I’m a star in the making, watch me shine.

No time for haters, they’re just fuel for my fire.

I’m the one they talk about, the one they fear.

I came from nothing, now I’m destined for greatness.

I’m built for this, nothing can break me.

Never let setbacks define you, use them as motivation.

I’m on a mission to succeed, nothing can stop me.

Keep your circle small, trust is a rare commodity.

Success is the sweetest revenge.

I’m a hustler by nature, it’s in my blood.

I make moves quietly, let my success speak for itself.

I’m a diamond in the rough, polished and ready to shine.

No pain, no gain.

I’m the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.

I refuse to settle for mediocrity.

I’m a beast in the game, can’t be tamed.

Keep grinding, the hustle never stops.

I’m on a different level, can’t be reached.

I’m the main attraction, watch me steal the show.

I’m a force to be reckoned with, unstoppable.

I’m a winner, failure is not an option.

I’m on a mission to greatness, and I won’t stop until I reach it.

I’m a walking legend in the making.

I’m the king of my own destiny, writing my own story.

I’m a hustler with a purpose, always grinding towards success.

I’m a visionary with a plan, watch me execute.

I’m a warrior, ready to conquer any challenge that comes my way.

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