Ninja Turtle Quotes

Heroes in a half shell – turtle power!

Radical, dude!

Turtle power!

I’ve got the moves like a ninja turtle.

Cowabunga, dudes!

Shell yeah!

We’re the lean, mean, green team.

Master Splinter always knows best.

We may be turtles, but we’re more than meets the eye.

We fight together, we win together.

Our shells may be hard, but our hearts are soft.

We’re the turtles, sorted and reported.

We’re green, mean, and always keen.

We’re the defenders of justice, the teenage ninja turtles.

We’re in this fight till the end, just like ninja turtles.

We may be turtles, but we’re no pushovers.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, just like us.

Even turtles can be heroes.

We’re the turtles, ready to rumble.

We may be teenagers, but we’re also ninjas in a half shell.

We’re turtles with attitude.

Our ninja skills put us a cut above the rest.

It’s turtle time!

Don’t underestimate the power of the turtle.

We’re the heroes that New York needs.

We’re the turtles, always ready to save the day.

The city may be in chaos, but we bring order as turtle heroes.

Every turtle has a unique talent, together we’re unstoppable.

We’re turtles, we stick together through thick and thin.

Justice served, turtle style.

We’re the ultimate ninja team.

We’re more than just turtles in a city full of crime.

No challenge is too great for us turtles.

With shell-shocking moves, we always come out on top.

We might not look like your typical heroes, but we get the job done.

The shell is our armor, but our hearts are what make us heroes.

We always find a way, just like a ninja turtle.

We’re ninjas with a mission – to protect and serve.

Crime has met its match with us turtles.

Heroes in a half shell, always ready to do what’s right.

We’re the fear in the hearts of criminals, the ninja turtles.

Believe in the power of the turtles.

We may be turtles, but we’re no joke.

We’re the turtles, the defenders of justice.

We may be small, but our impact is mighty.

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