Nana Sayings

  1. “Nana knows everything.”
  2. “Being a nana is the best job in the world.”
  3. “A house is not a home without Nana.”
  4. “Nanas are like a warm hug.”
  5. “Nana’s love is unconditional.”
  6. “Nanas make everything better.”
  7. “Nana’s kitchen is always open.”
  8. “A nana’s love is like no other.”
  9. “Nanas are the queen of hugs and cookies.”
  10. “Nana is a storyteller, peacekeeper, and memory maker.”
  11. “If Nana can’t fix it, no one can.”
  12. “A nana’s heart is a garden of love.”
  13. “Nanas are like the glue that holds the family together.”
  14. “Nanas have a heart full of love and a lap full of hugs.”
  15. “Nanas make memories that last a lifetime.”
  16. “Nana is the heart of our family.”
  17. “Nanas are the sunshine in our lives.”
  18. “A nana’s love never fades.”
  19. “Nana’s house is where love grows.”
  20. “Nana’s love is like a warm blanket on a cold day.”
  21. “Nana’s hugs are the best kind of medicine.”
  22. “Nanas are the sweetest people on earth.”
  23. “Nanas never run out of love or cookies.”
  24. “Nana’s love is a treasure to cherish forever.”
  25. “Nanas are the keepers of family traditions.”
  26. “A nana’s love is a gift beyond measure.”
  27. “Nanas are a true blessing in our lives.”
  28. “Nana’s love is like a home-cooked meal for the soul.”
  29. “Nanas have a heart full of love and a pocket full of candy.”
  30. “Nanas are the most precious gems in our family.”
  31. “Nana’s love is like a lighthouse in a stormy sea.”
  32. “Nanas make every day special.”
  33. “A nana’s love is a legacy that lives on.”
  34. “Nanas have the best advice and the warmest hugs.”
  35. “Nana’s house is a place where dreams come true.”
  36. “Nanas make the world a better place, one hug at a time.”
  37. “Nanas are the heart and soul of our family.”
  38. “Nana’s love is like a garden, always blooming with beauty.”
  39. “A nana’s love is like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter day.”
  40. “Nanas are the embodiment of unconditional love.”
  41. “Nana’s hugs are the best remedy for a bad day.”
  42. “Nanas are the shining stars in our family’s sky.”
  43. “Nanas have the sweetest smiles and the warmest hearts.”
  44. “Nana’s love is like a cozy blanket on a rainy day.”
  45. “A nana’s love is the foundation of our family.”
  46. “Nanas are the best listeners and the wisest advisors.”
  47. “Nanas make every day brighter with their love.”
  48. “Nana’s love is the glue that binds our family together.”
  49. “Nanas are the guardians of family traditions and values.”
  50. “Nana’s hugs are the best medicine for a broken heart.”
  51. “A nana’s love is the most valuable gift we can ever receive.”
  52. “Nanas are the stars that guide us through life.”
  53. Nana’s love is like a warm breeze on a summer day.
  54. “Nana’s love is like a warm blanket, comforting and always there.”
  55. “Nana’s kitchen is where love is baked into every dish.”
  56. “Nana’s hugs are the best medicine for anything that ails you.”
  57. “Nana always has a kind word and a listening ear.”
  58. “Nana is the glue that holds our family together.”
  59. “Nana’s house is where memories are made and kept forever.”
  60. “Nana’s wisdom is priceless and always on point.”
  61. “Nana’s heart is big enough to love all of her grandchildren equally.”
  62. “Nana’s smile lights up the room and warms our hearts.”
  63. “Nana’s lap is the perfect place for snuggles and story time.”
  64. “Nana’s patience and kindness are two of her greatest virtues.”
  65. “Nana’s hands are always busy creating something beautiful.”
  66. “Nana’s love is unconditional, unwavering, and never-ending.”
  67. “Nana’s laughter is contagious and always brings joy to those around her.”
  68. “Nana’s faith and love for God inspire us all.”
  69. “Nana’s advice is always worth listening to, she’s been there and done that.”
  70. “Nana’s love is like a garden, always growing and blooming.”
  71. “Nana’s stories are a treasure trove of family history and wisdom.”
  72. “Nana’s style is timeless and always in fashion.”
  73. “Nana’s hugs are like a warm blanket on a cold day.”
  74. “Nana’s smile is as bright as the sun and warms our hearts.”
  75. “Nana’s love is the foundation of our family.”
  76. “Nana’s house is the happiest place on earth.”
  77. “Nana’s love is a gift that keeps on giving.”
  78. “Nana’s heart is full of love and compassion for all.”
  79. “Nana’s cooking is the best in the world, nobody can make it like her.”
  80. “Nana’s embrace is like a warm hug from an angel.”
  81. “Nana’s love is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.”
  82. “Nana’s wisdom is a guiding light that always leads us in the right direction.”
  83. “Nana’s love is a treasure that we cherish forever.”
  84. “Nana’s stories are like a time machine that takes us back to the good old days.”
  85. “Nana’s house is the heart of our family, where love and laughter are abundant.”
  86. “Nana’s love is the glue that binds our family together.”
  87. “Nana’s hugs are like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day.”
  88. “Nana’s love is like a compass that always points us in the right direction.”
  89. “Nana’s house is a place where memories are made and never forgotten.”
  90. “Nana’s wisdom is like a beacon that guides us through life’s stormy waters.”
  91. “Nana’s love is the foundation on which our family is built.”
  92. “Nana’s love is like a garden that blooms with beauty and joy.”
  93. “Nana’s hugs are like a warm embrace from heaven.”
  94. “Nana’s love is a light that shines bright in our lives.”
  95. “Nana’s stories are like a tapestry that weaves our family history together.”
  96. “Nana’s house is where love grows and flourishes.”
  97. “A grandmother’s love is a lifetime of wisdom wrapped up in a hug.”
  98. “Nanas are like sunshine on a rainy day.”
  99. “A house becomes a home when Nana is there.”
  100. “Nanas hold the key to a grandchild’s heart.”

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