Mooji quotes – Inspiring words from the spiritual teacher

Your true nature is not something that can be grasped or understood by the mind. It can only be experienced and realized in the depths of your being.

Freedom is not something you attain, but rather a state of being that is uncovered when the mind is no longer in control.

Do not mistake the outer circumstances of your life for who you truly are. You are the awareness in which all experiences arise.

Let go of the need to be right or to prove yourself to others. When you are free from such concerns, you can truly be yourself.

Happiness is not found in external things or achievements. It is an inherent aspect of your true nature.

The mind is a powerful tool, but it can also be a prison if you identify with its constant stream of thoughts.

Surrendering to what is brings a sense of peace and allows life to flow effortlessly.

Realize that you are not separate from the world. You are the consciousness in which it all arises.

Don’t resist or ignore your emotions. Allow them to be felt fully, and they will eventually dissolve.

The present moment is the doorway to liberation. Be fully present and watch the magic unfold.

True love has no conditions or expectations. It is a boundless and unconditional presence.

The search for enlightenment is the greatest illusion. You are already enlightened. You just have to recognize it.

Gratitude is the key that unlocks the door to abundance and contentment.

When you stop identifying with your thoughts and emotions, you discover a deep sense of peace and freedom.

The mind creates division and separation. The heart knows only unity and love.

Let go of the need to control or manipulate life. Trust in the natural flow and intelligence of the universe.

The ego wants to be special and unique. Your true nature is ordinary, yet profoundly extraordinary.

You are not the body or the mind. You are the timeless and formless consciousness in which they appear.

Pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional. It is your resistance to what is that causes suffering.

True wisdom is not found in books or teachings. It is the direct experience of your own inner truth.

The mind is like a cloud covering the sun. When the cloud dissipates, the sun’s light shines through.

The past is a memory. The future is an imagination. The only moment that truly exists is now.

Wherever you go, there you are. You cannot escape yourself, so why not embrace and love who you are?

Fear is just a thought that arises in the mind. It has no power over you unless you give it power.

Don’t be attached to your beliefs. They are simply ideas in the mind, not the ultimate truth.

Silence is not an absence of sound, but a profound presence that transcends all noise.

You are not the doer of your actions. You are the witness of them.

Love is not a feeling or an emotion. It is the very essence of your being.

Life is a play. Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy the adventure and dance with the unknown.

Your true purpose in life is to awaken to the truth of who you are and radiate that light into the world.

Don’t seek external approval or validation. Trust in your own intuition and inner guidance.

The mind is like a wild horse. Tame it through the practice of mindfulness and self-awareness.

You are not responsible for the actions or choices of others. You are responsible for your own state of consciousness.

The mind loves to compare and judge. The heart knows only acceptance and love.

Don’t resist change. Embrace it and flow with the ever-evolving dance of life.

Suffering is not caused by external circumstances. It is created by the mind’s resistance to what is.

Happiness is not a destination. It is the way of being in each moment.

True happiness is not found in acquiring more things. It is found in letting go of the need for anything.

Don’t chase after enlightenment. It is already within you. Just be still and know.

The mind is full of noise. Meditation is a way of quieting the mind and reconnecting with your true nature.

Your thoughts are like clouds passing through the sky. You are the sky, not the clouds.

The truth is always here and now. It is not something that can be found in the past or future.

Stop seeking and start being. The answers you seek are within you, not outside of you.

Don’t take life too seriously. It is a cosmic joke. Laugh, play, and dance with the divine.

You are not a person on a spiritual journey. You are the journey itself, unfolding in each moment.

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