Monkey Sayings

Monkey see, monkey do.

Like a monkey on a branch, go with the flow.

Monkeys swing from tree to tree, looking for their place to be.

Monkeys chatter, humans matter.

Monkey business never stops, from treetops to mountaintops.

Monkeys are curious, always seeking new.

Monkeys play all day, their happiness never fades away.

Wise monkeys stay silent and observe.

Monkeys know the value of a banana.

Slow down, monkey around, enjoy life like a monkey in a tree.

Monkeys know that life is a constant climb.

Monkeys know when to let go and swing on to the next branch.

Monkeys stick together, like bananas on a bunch.

Monkeys know that sometimes falling leads to flying.

Monkeys use their tools wisely, never wasting a branch.

Monkeys embrace their wild side, no matter the tide.

Monkeys let their instincts guide them through life’s trials.

Monkeys know that laughter is the best medicine.

Monkeys swing high, they reach for the sky.

Monkeys find strength in each other’s presence.

Monkeys know that patience is the key to success.

Monkeys play, never stray too far away.

Monkeys know that family comes first, even in the worst.

Monkeys are adaptable, they thrive in any habitat.

Monkeys communicate without words, through gestures and sounds.

Monkeys appreciate the simple pleasures, like a ripe banana.

Monkeys know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Monkeys see the world from a higher perspective.

Monkeys teach us to let go of our fears and just swing.

Monkeys know that sometimes it’s best to just hang in there.

Monkeys inspire us to let our inner child play.

Monkeys know that life is better when shared with a friend.

Monkeys remind us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Monkeys are brave, they face the unknown with a smile.

Monkeys swing to their own beat, never following the crowd.

Monkeys know that it’s the small pleasures that make life sweet.

Monkeys empower us to embrace our wild side.

Monkeys learn from their mistakes, never making the same one twice.

Monkeys are masters of adapting to their surroundings.

Monkeys know the importance of balance, swinging from tree to tree.

Monkeys remind us to trust our instincts and climb higher.

Monkeys know that sometimes being still is the best way to progress.

Monkeys know that true strength lies within their community.

Monkeys teach us to be resilient and bounce back from adversity.

Monkeys inspire us to live in the present moment and enjoy life’s adventures.

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