Mark Twain’s Quotes About Fools

The fool wonders, the wise man explores.

A foolish man speaks without thinking, a wise man thinks before he speaks.

Only a fool mocks the wisdom of others.

A foolish person’s actions reveal their true nature.

Foolishness is the companion of ignorance.

The fool’s laughter is the mask of his insecurities.

A wise man learns from his mistakes, a fool repeats them.

A fool believes everything he hears, a wise man questions it.

A fool argues for the sake of arguing, a wise man seeks understanding.

The fool is blind to his own foolishness.

A wise man listens to his conscience, a fool ignores it.

The fool seeks validation from others, the wise man finds it within himself.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

A fool’s words are like the wind, ever changing and empty.

A foolish man is a slave to his own desires.

The fool seeks happiness in material possessions, the wise man finds it in simple pleasures.

A fool’s arrogance is his downfall.

A wise man knows when to speak, a fool speaks out of turn.

The fool is easily misled, the wise man sees through deception.

A foolish person’s actions speak louder than their words.

Wisdom is the sword that slays the fool’s ignorance.

A fool is blind to his own ignorance.

The wise man hides his knowledge, the fool flaunts his ignorance.

A foolish man believes he knows everything, a wise man knows he knows nothing.

The fool seeks approval, the wise man seeks self-fulfillment.

A wise man knows when to ask for help, a fool suffers in silence.

A fool’s pride blinds him to his own shortcomings.

The fool is easily offended, the wise man remains calm.

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, a fool repeats his own.

The fool is consumed by jealousy, the wise man finds joy in others’ success.

A fool’s anger is his own undoing.

The fool’s laughter masks his pain.

A wise man knows when to hold his tongue, a fool cannot keep quiet.

The fool condemns, the wise man forgives.

A fool’s fear paralyzes him, a wise man sees opportunity in adversity.

The fool judges others, the wise man judges himself.

A foolish man follows the crowd, a wise man treads his own path.

The fool seeks instant gratification, the wise man knows the value of patience.

A fool seeks shortcuts to success, a wise man embraces the journey.

A wise man knows the difference between knowledge and wisdom, a fool confuses the two.

The fool yearns for recognition, the wise man finds fulfillment in his own accomplishments.

A foolish person’s actions are their own worst enemy.

The fool speaks with conviction, the wise man listens with humility.

A wise man weighs the consequences, a fool acts without forethought.

The fool seeks happiness in the external world, the wise man cultivates it within himself.

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