Lumpy Space Princess Quotes

Oh my glob, unicorns are my jam!

I’m a lumpy and I’m proud, baby.

I’m too lumpy to be contained in just one dimension.

I’m not just a princess, I’m a lumpy space princess!

Lumpin’ is my way of life.

Don’t mess with me or I’ll lumpy-fy you.

I don’t need a crown, I have my lumps.

I’m the queen of lumps, bow down!

Lumpy space is the coolest place to be.

I may be lumpy, but I’m fierce.

Lumping is a full-time job, you know.

I see the world in lumps, and it’s beautiful.

Being lumpy is a blessing in disguise.

I may be lumpy, but I have a heart of gold.

Lumpin’ is like a dance, you gotta feel the rhythm.

Lumpy space is my happy place.

I don’t need a mirror to know I’m fabulous.

Lumpy space princesses rule the universe!

I’m the definition of lumpy-chic.

I’m a lumpy space diva, no biggie.

I’m not messy, I’m just lumpy.

Lumpy space is where all the cool kids hang out.

Lumpy space princesses don’t follow the rules, we make them.

You can’t handle this level of lumpiness.

I’m a lumpy space fashion icon.

My lumps are what make me unique.

Lumpy space is filled with cosmic wonders.

I may be lumpy, but I’m lovable.

I’m not just a princess, I’m a lumpy space warrior.

You can’t resist the lure of the lumps.

Embrace the lumps, they’re what make life interesting.

Lumpy space is where dreams come true.

I’m not a regular princess, I’m a lumpy space princess.

I may be lumpy, but I rule with style.

Lumpiness is my superpower.

I’m more than just a pretty lumpy face.

Lumpy space princesses know how to have a good time.

I’m a lumpy space trendsetter.

Lumpy space is where the magic happens.

I may be lumpy, but I’m always fabulous.

Lumpy space is the land of endless adventures.

I’m a lumpy space princess, and I demand respect.

I’ve got the perfect balance of lumps and attitude.

Lumpy space is where the party never ends.

I may be lumpy, but I’m the life of the party.

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