Laugh Out Loud with These Funny Stranger Things Quotes

Friends don’t lie, but sometimes they exaggerate the truth.

Upside down, downside topsy-turvy, it’s all the same in Hawkins.

Forget the mind flayer, watch out for the mind flutter!

Demogorgons might be scary, but have you ever tried to do math homework?

In this town, even the Christmas lights have secrets.

When in doubt, call Dustin for his unique blend of wit and snark.

Who needs Barb when you have a nose that can rival the Demogorgon’s?

The real monster in Hawkins is the middle school cafeteria food.

El’s telekinesis is impressive, but have you ever seen a kid with an Eggo addiction?

Life is like the Upside Down, sometimes you just have to flip it and find the magic.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t appreciate the power of a good Dungeons & Dragons session.

Hawkins is the only place where you can be chased by a demodog and worry more about your hair.

Being a teenager is already a demogorgon-level nightmare. Throw in a supernatural element and it’s a whole new level of terror.

Who needs dating apps when you can find your soulmate by running from government experiments?

If you think your mom’s strict, try having a superpowered, telekinetic mom.

Stranger things have happened in Hawkins, but we’ll never know about them because the government covered it up.

Eleven may have powers, but I can’t even control my hair on a humid day.

Coffee without cream is like a demogorgon without teeth – it just doesn’t work.

Hawkins – the town where Halloween is just another day and the costumes are way scarier.

Sometimes I feel like the only thing strange in Hawkins is the fact that people wear socks with sandals.

Hawkins, where the monsters are terrifying, but the hairstyles are even scarier.

In Hawkins, you’re not weird, you’re just surviving in a town full of Demogorgons.

They say the early bird catches the worm, but in Hawkins, the early bird probably got eaten by a demodog.

If you think your sibling rivalry is intense, try having a sister who can break your nose with her mind.

In Hawkins, it’s not just the people who are strange – even the dogs are named after aliens.

The real mystery in Hawkins is how they manage to solve everything using walkie talkies from the 80s.

Forget the mind flayer, watch out for the girl who can steal your french fries with her mind.

The only thing stranger than the disappearances in Hawkins is the fact that the kids never seem to have homework.

When in doubt, just blame it on the upside down – works every time.

Hawkins – the town where even the authority figures have mullets.

Life is like an episode of Stranger Things – full of suspense, supernatural creatures, and an inexplicable love for Eggo waffles.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in Hawkins, it’s the flickering Christmas lights.

In Hawkins, the scariest thing you’ll find in the forest is the kids’ terrible singing.

Who needs a mind flayer when you have siblings who can torment you with their mind games?

In Hawkins, not even the upside down can compare to the terror of a middle school dance.

Hawkins – the only place where a Dungeons & Dragons campaign can get way too real.

In Hawkins, ‘normal’ is just a setting on the washing machine.

The only reason more people aren’t moving to Hawkins is because of the abundance of demogorgon sightings.

Demogorgons may be terrifying, but have you seen the horror of a group project gone wrong?

Hawkins is the only place where the Dungeons & Dragons club is the cool kids’ table.

In Hawkins, the government is scarier than any supernatural monster.

Who needs a demodog when you have a cat that can knock things off shelves with its mind?

Hawkins – the town where a blinking Christmas light is an open invitation for supernatural trouble.

The only thing stranger than the creatures in the Upside Down is the fact that no one ever seems to learn their lesson and move away from Hawkins.

In Hawkins, even the conspiracy theories have conspiracy theories.

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