Kingsman quotes – Memorable lines from the secret agents

Manners maketh man.

A suit is just a suit until it’s worn by a Kingsman.

A gentleman’s style is his secret weapon.

We save lives, not take them.

The only people who matter are those who live, breathe and bleed for our country.

A Kingsman knows how to handle any situation with grace and charm.

In this suit, I move with deadly precision.

Every mission is an opportunity to prove our worth.

A true Kingsman never leaves a man behind.

We are the saviors of the world, the last line of defense.

Our duty is to protect the innocent, no matter the cost.

In our world, secrets are worth dying for.

A Kingsman’s greatest asset is his intelligence.

We don’t follow the rules, we define them.

A true gentleman never uses his power for personal gain.

Our loyalty lies with the people, not with the government.

A Kingsman’s greatest weapon is his wit.

We work in the shadows, but our impact is felt by all.

A gentleman’s words are his most powerful weapon.

A Kingsman always keeps a cool head in the face of danger.

Our strength lies in our unity and brotherhood.

A true Kingsman is never caught off guard.

We are not just spies, we are knights of the modern era.

A Kingsman’s duty is to protect the world from chaos.

Every gentleman needs a good tailor.

A Kingsman’s code of conduct is unbreakable.

Our training turns boys into men and men into heroes.

In the world of spies, trust is a luxury we can’t afford.

A Kingsman’s style is his signature.

Our job is to do what others can’t or won’t.

A Kingsman never reveals his secrets.

Our organization is built on honor and tradition.

A true gentleman knows the value of a good martini.

Our missions are dangerous, but our resolve is unwavering.

A Kingsman’s strength is measured by his character, not his muscles.

We are the elite, the best of the best.

A gentleman always carries a concealed weapon.

Our gadgets are just as sharp as our wit.

A Kingsman’s reputation is his greatest asset.

We don’t fight for glory, we fight for justice.

A gentleman’s mission is to leave the world better than he found it.

Our legacy is built on honor and sacrifice.

A true Kingsman is always three steps ahead of his enemy.

We don’t seek fame or recognition, only the satisfaction of a job well done.

A gentleman’s greatest skill is his ability to adapt and overcome.

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