Karl Popper Quotes

True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.

It is our duty to search for truth, not to cling to our opinions.

Without criticism, knowledge stagnates.

The only way to approach the truth is through a willingness to be proven wrong.

The quest for knowledge is a never-ending journey.

Doubt is the foundation of all scientific progress.

The human mind is fallible, and we must be constantly vigilant against our own biases.

A hypothesis is only valuable if it can be tested and falsified.

Science is not about confirming what we already believe, but about discovering what is true.

Theories should be judged based on their ability to make falsifiable predictions.

The ability to admit when we are wrong is a sign of intellectual maturity.

The search for truth requires intellectual courage.

Certainty is the enemy of intellectual growth.

The most dangerous dogmas are those we hold unquestioningly.

The key to progress is the willingness to change our minds.

We must be willing to challenge our own assumptions and beliefs.

The scientific method is the best tool we have for understanding the world.

Every theory should be treated as temporary until proven otherwise.

Science is a self-correcting process.

It is better to be unsure and seek knowledge than to be certain and stagnant.

The greatest discoveries often come from questioning the status quo.

A theory must be able to withstand attempts to disprove it in order to be valid.

The pursuit of knowledge requires an open mind.

The truth is not always convenient, but it is essential.

Distinguishing between fact and opinion is crucial for intellectual integrity.

Bias is an inherent part of human nature, but it can be overcome with critical thinking.

Knowledge is not a possession, but a process.

To understand the world, we must first understand our own limitations.

The truth may be uncomfortable, but it is worth seeking.

Knowledge is built upon a foundation of skepticism.

To be truly educated, one must embrace uncertainty.

The pursuit of truth is a collective responsibility.

The beauty of science is that it is self-correcting.

We must be humble in the face of the unknown.

Curiosity is the driving force behind all intellectual progress.

Open-mindedness is the gateway to new discoveries.

The truth may be subjective, but that does not mean it is unknowable.

The scientific method is a tool for inquiry, not a set of dogmatic beliefs.

Intellectual growth requires a willingness to challenge our own beliefs.

To be wrong is not a failure, but an opportunity for growth.

The truth cannot be found in dogma, but in the pursuit of knowledge.

The path to understanding is paved with skepticism.

The greatest minds are those that are constantly questioning.

Certainty is the enemy of progress.

Knowledge is most valuable when it is shared.

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