Jed Clampett Quotes – Wisdom from The Beverly Hillbillies

Well doggies!

I’m a-lookin’ for black gold, Texas tea!

We done struck it rich, Granny!

Money ain’t nothin’ but greenbacked paper!

Feelin’ like a million bucks!

We’ve got ourselves a bona fide Beverly Hills millionaire!

Granny, you ever see a millionaire that won’t spend his own money?

Granny, I reckon we need to spruce this place up!

Money can’t buy ya happiness, but it sho’ can buy ya a whole lotta fun!

Bankin’ ain’t the same without a pile of cash to count!

Elly May, you’re the purtiest thing on two feet!

Jed’s the name, and oil is my game!

I’m richer than Creesus!

Granny, let’s have us a real fancy shindig!

I reckon we need to find ourselves some fancy Beverly Hills duds!

Granny, we ain’t in the hills no more!

I reckon even millionaires need to eat vittles!

I’m just a simple ol’ country boy with a whole lotta money!

Elly May, you don’t need all them fancy city boys!

I reckon I’ll just stick to my possum stew!

Feelin’ like a kid in a candy store!

Money can’t buy love, but it can buy a whole lotta affection!

Jed Clampett, the oil tycoon!

Bank accounts don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got love in your heart!

Money can’t buy ya a good ole country singin’ voice!

Havin’ more money than you know what to do with!

I reckon we need us some fancy city-folk manners!

Granny, we’re gonna show them city slickers how we do things in the hills!

I reckon we need us a gold-plated moonshine still!

Money can’t buy you peace of mind, but it sure can buy ya a whole lotta security!

Elly May, you’re the cat’s meow!

Nothin’ like livin’ the high life in Beverly Hills!

Granny, let’s have us a Texas-sized hoedown!

I reckon money ain’t nuthin’ but a tool to help others!

Feelin’ like a big ol’ fish in a small pond!

Money ain’t nuthin’ if you ain’t got family to share it with!

I’ll be danged if I ain’t the luckiest hillbilly alive!

I reckon I’ll invite the whole town for a barbecue!

Granny, let’s spice up this mansion with some hillbilly charm!

I reckon we’re livin’ the American dream, Granny!

Money can’t buy ya good ol’ fashioned common sense!

Elly May, don’t be frettin’ over them fancy city boys!

Well, I’ll be danged! We’re millionaires!

I reckon we need to teach them Beverly Hills folk what real livin’ is all about!

Nothin’ like bein’ a wealthy country boy!

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