Hermes Trismegistus Quotes

As above, so below.

The universe is an ensouled and living thing.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

Thoughts become things, so choose them wisely.

The mind is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

True wisdom is found within, not from external sources.

The greatest power is the power of love.

The soul is eternal, transcending time and space.

Seek the truth in all things and you will find the divine.

The power of the mind can create worlds.

Alchemy is the process of transforming the base into the divine.

The world is a reflection of our inner state.

The universe is a symphony of vibrations and frequencies.

The key to happiness is aligning with your true purpose.

We are all interconnected, part of a greater whole.

The path to enlightenment is a journey of self-discovery.

Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.

The present moment is where true power resides.

Balance is the key to harmonious living.

Follow your intuition, it’s the voice of your higher self.

The body is the temple of the soul.

The universe is a vast library of knowledge waiting to be explored.

The world is a hologram, projected by our collective consciousness.

Belief is the creative power of the mind.

We are co-creators of our reality.

The power of words can shape the world.

The heart is the seat of divine wisdom.

The breath connects us to the divine source.

The soul is the spark of divinity within us.

The universe speaks to us through synchronicities and signs.

Imagination is the gateway to infinite possibilities.

The soul’s journey is one of constant evolution.

Our thoughts create our reality, so choose them wisely.

The body is a vessel for the soul’s expression.

The universe is a tapestry of interconnected beings.

Love is the essence of all creation.

The mind is the architect of our experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The purpose of life is to awaken to our true nature.

Harmony is the highest vibration.

The key to enlightenment is self-knowledge.

The divine is within and without.

The universe is a cosmic dance of energy and matter.

The path of knowledge leads to liberation.

We are all divine magicians, capable of creating miracles.

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