Hellsing Abridged Quotes

Dandyman, put this in your pipe and smoke it!

Sir Integra, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

Alucard may be a monster, but at least he’s our monster.

Bring on the undead, we’ll be the ones laughing in the end.

You can try to run, but you can’t hide from the Hellsing Organization.

When the night falls, we rise to restore balance to the world.

We walk the fine line between heroes and monsters.

Alucard, show them what it means to fear the darkness.

In the depths of evil, we find our purpose.

We don’t play by the rules, we rewrite them.

There’s no place for the weak in our ranks.

This is not a game, this is war.

Crosses and holy water won’t save you from us.

The Hellsing Organization: where nightmares become reality.

We are the shadow that keeps the world in check.

We fight so others can sleep peacefully at night.

Alucard, it’s time to unleash hell.

Dandyman, light them up like a Christmas tree.

Integra, you’re the queen of darkness in a world of monsters.

The Hellsing Organization: where vampires fear to tread.

We’re the last line of defense against the unholy.

Alucard, they may have teeth, but we have fangs.

Abraham Van Helsing had nothing on us.

If they want a bloodbath, we’ll give them a massacre.

Integra, with you at the helm, we’re unstoppable.

There’s no place for mercy in our line of work.

We may be few, but we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Alucard, let loose the dogs of war.

Dandyman, let’s show them what a real freakshow looks like.

Hellsing: where monsters come to die.

We’re not afraid of the dark, we embrace it.

In chaos, we find our purpose.

There’s no salvation for the soulless.

The Hellsing Organization: making the supernatural squirm since 1894.

Alucard, show them the true meaning of fear.

Integra, your leadership guides us through the darkest of nights.

We’re the nightmare that monsters pray they never meet.

Dandyman, paint the town red with their blood.

We bring the light that drives away the shadows.

In the face of evil, we stand tall.

Alucard, you’re the vampire’s worst nightmare.

Integra, lead us into battle with the wrath of the gods.

We’re the protectors of mankind’s fragile peace.

There’s no rest for the wicked, and we’re always on the hunt.

Hellsing: where angels fear to tread, and demons bow in submission.

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