Harry Styles Lyrics Quotes

You’re the medicine and the pain, the tattoo inside my brain – Harry Styles

We’re only getting older, baby, and I’ve been thinking about it lately – Harry Styles

Don’t know where we’re going, but we know where we belong – Harry Styles

I’m selfish, I know. But I don’t ever want to see you with someone else – Harry Styles

I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs – Harry Styles

Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times – Harry Styles

We don’t talk enough, we should open up before it’s all too much – Harry Styles

I’m just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat – Harry Styles

If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you – Harry Styles

We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me – Harry Styles

She’s an angel with a devilish smile – Harry Styles

I’m in my bed and you’re not here, and there’s no one to blame but the drink in my wandering hands – Harry Styles

I’d walk through fire just to see you smile – Harry Styles

I never meant to hurt you, I just wanted to dance – Harry Styles

Tongue-tied like we’ve never known, telling those stories we already told – Harry Styles

I’ve got a heart full of love but my windows are covered in bars – Harry Styles

I’m selfish, I’m impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle – Harry Styles

I’m just trying to find my way back home – Harry Styles

All my life I’ve been waiting for a moment like this – Harry Styles

We’ll be a fine line, always on the edge, always on the run – Harry Styles

I’m counting the footsteps, praying the floor won’t fall through – Harry Styles

I just hope you see me in a little better light – Harry Styles

If you’re not here, it’s like I’m not breathing – Harry Styles

I’ve got a million reasons to walk away, but baby I just need one good one to stay – Harry Styles

We don’t choose who we fall in love with, it just happens – Harry Styles

There’s a piece of you in how I dress – Harry Styles

Just keep your eyes on me, it’s just you and me tonight – Harry Styles

We’re dancing like we’re made of starlight – Harry Styles

We’re playing with fire, but I’m the one who gets burned – Harry Styles

I wish we could be alone together – Harry Styles

I’d give up forever to touch you – Harry Styles

You’re the reason I can’t concentrate – Harry Styles

We’re a train wreck waiting to happen – Harry Styles

I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night – Harry Styles

We’re two fools swimming in a fishbowl, year after year – Harry Styles

I’m just trying to figure you out, but you’re a puzzle with missing pieces – Harry Styles

We’re like diamonds in the rough, shining brighter than the rest – Harry Styles

I’m a stranger in your bed, but you know what I mean – Harry Styles

We’re the ones they warned you about – Harry Styles

I know it’s hard when we’re apart, but I’ll be coming home to you – Harry Styles

We’re two lovers, torn apart by the distance between us – Harry Styles

I’m just a paper doll, cut out and stuck in your world – Harry Styles

I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive – Harry Styles

We’re chasing the shadows in the dark, trying to find where we belong – Harry Styles

I’m just a lost boy, looking for a place to call home – Harry Styles

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