Gimli quotes

Words are as strong as axes, if you do not believe me, try the hand of a dwarf.

I am violent only when it is necessary… and it is often necessary.

I do not fear death, for I am a warrior and warriors know that death is just another battle.

I may be small in stature, but my spirit is as mighty as the mountains.

I will forge my own destiny with every swing of my axe.

Family is not determined by blood, but by loyalty and courage.

Dwarves are not made for running, we are made for fighting and drinking!

A true warrior fights not for glory, but for what is right.

Dwarves are born with a hammer in one hand and an axe in the other.

When life throws boulders in your path, become a mountain.

I may be short, but my heart is larger than any mountain in Middle-earth.

Never underestimate the power of a dwarf’s determination.

Stand tall, even if you are short in stature.

A dwarf fights not for riches, but for honor and justice.

Never trust an elf, they are too fond of their shiny hair to be trusted.

Size does not determine strength, it is the will and skill that matter.

There is no greater joy than the sound of a sword clashing against another.

In battle, fear is a weakness that will be exploited.

A dwarf’s loyalty is as unbreakable as the mountains themselves.

I am Gimli, son of Gloin, and I will not yield to any foe.

The only good elf is a defeated elf.

Dwarves may be stubborn, but it is our stubbornness that has preserved our people.

A dwarf’s love for gold is only surpassed by our love for battle.

Do not mistake my short stature for weakness, for I am a force to be reckoned with.

I fight not for victory, but for honor.

I may be covered in armor, but my spirit is always shining through.

Dwarves have a saying – ‘Strike while the orc is hot’.

A true warrior stands by their comrades, even in the darkest of times.

In battle, always aim for the heart… or the skull.

I may be small, but I can topple giants with a single swing of my axe.

No orc, dragon, or dark lord can extinguish the fire in my heart.

A dwarf’s beard is our pride, and our greatest weapon.

We dwarves have a saying – ‘Better to die with a weapon in hand than a treasure in the vault.’

I may walk quietly, but my footsteps echo through the halls of history.

The forge is my sanctuary, where I shape both weapons and destiny.

There is no mountain too high, no dungeon too deep for a dwarf on a quest.

A dwarf’s rage is as fiery as the molten lava in the heart of the earth.

No foe will escape the wrath of my axe.

In battle, my axe sings the song of victory.

A true warrior does not seek fame, but the respect of their comrades.

A dwarf’s loyalty is unbreakable, like the diamond in our mines.

I am Gimli, and I will follow my king to the ends of the earth.

Even the mightiest of trees can be felled by a dwarf with an axe.

In battle, my heart beats with the rhythm of war drums.

A dwarf’s thirst for battle is as insatiable as our thirst for ale.

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