Funny Quotes to Keep You Laughing During Yoga

Yoga: when you bring the word ‘stretching’ to a whole new level.

Yoga: the only time it’s acceptable to twist yourself into a pretzel.

Yoga: where ‘downward dog’ is a position, not a punishment.

I bend so I don’t break, both physically and mentally. Thanks, yoga!

Yoga is my favorite way to ‘pose’ for pictures.

Yoga: where ‘Namaste’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘I’m done sweating.’

Yoga: the only time I’m willing to put my feet in my face.

Yoga: making stretching a socially acceptable activity.

Yoga: where falling over is part of the process.

I didn’t choose the yoga life, the yoga life chose me.

Yoga: because I needed an excuse to wear stretchy pants every day.

In yoga, flexibility isn’t just physical, it’s also my ability to forgive myself for eating that extra slice of pizza.

Yoga: where ‘balancing’ means not falling over during tree pose.

Yoga: the only time it’s socially acceptable to be ‘upside down’.

I may not be able to touch my toes, but at least I’m trying!

Yoga: my excuse for taking a nap in the middle of the day.

Yoga: where savasana is the most challenging pose of all.

Yoga: the only workout where you can go from child’s pose to corpse pose in under a minute.

Yoga: the perfect way to stretch and find out what’s cracking.

Yoga: reminding me that it’s important to bend but not to break.

Yoga: a unique exercise where inhaling and exhaling become an art form.

Yoga: making it socially acceptable to stand on one leg and fall over.

Yoga is my favorite form of ‘active relaxation.’

Yoga: where ‘chaturanga’ sounds like a mythical creature.

Yoga: reminding me that falling on my face is all part of the journey.

Yoga: the only time I voluntarily lie down on the floor with strangers.

Yoga: where the only competition is with my own mind.

Yoga: the reason I don’t run every day.

Yoga: my way of saying ‘I’m too cool for regular exercise.’

Yoga: where balance is both physical and mental.

Yoga: the only time I wear yoga pants and actually do yoga.

Yoga: the art of stretching and snoozing simultaneously.

Yoga: where ‘breathe in, breathe out’ is the most valuable life advice.

Yoga: how I justify my daily essential oils purchases.

Yoga: because crawling into child’s pose is more appealing than adulting.

Yoga: where ‘om’ becomes the soundtrack to my inner peace.

Yoga: the only form of exercise where I can pretend to be a graceful swan.

Yoga: where ‘warrior’ is a pose, not a title.

Yoga: because wiggling around on a mat is more fun than sitting still in an office chair.

Yoga: where the only judgment comes from the mirror.

Yoga: making it socially acceptable to wear a sports bra as a top.

Yoga: helping me reach my goal of being able to touch my toes by the time I’m 80.

Yoga: because ‘downward dog’ is less embarrassing than ‘upward cat.’

Yoga: reminding me that ‘relaxation’ is a verb, not just a state of mind.

Yoga: the perfect way to improve flexibility and test the strength of my deodorant.

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