Funny Drugs Quotes

I don’t need drugs to have a great time, but they sure make the party more colorful!

Life is short, so grab the drugs and dance!

Remember kids, drugs might come with side effects, but so does life.

The best things in life are free, except for drugs, I guess.

Friends may come and go, but drugs? They’ll always be there for you!

I don’t do drugs, I just like the way they smell.

Love is a drug, and I’m totally addicted!

Relationships are like drugs, sometimes they’re a trip, and sometimes they’re a bad trip.

If life gives you lemons, add some drugs and make a psychedelic cocktail!

I don’t need drugs to hallucinate, I already have an active imagination.

If life is a journey, then drugs are the fuel for a wild ride!

Life is too short to say no to drugs… just kidding, kids. Say no to drugs!

Drugs may be bad for you, but have you ever tried kale? It tastes worse!

The only thing I’m high on is life… and maybe some drugs.

Don’t do drugs, kids. Let your parents have all the fun!

Life without drugs would be like a unicorn without glitter.

You should always listen to your doctor, unless the doctor is playing Led Zeppelin and handing out drugs.

If drugs were legal, we’d have more colorful conversations at family reunions.

Drugs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get… and then you eat the whole box anyway!

Drugs may have side effects, but life has consequences.

The best kind of drug is a dose of laughter.

Drugs may be bad, but have you ever tried dancing on a table sober?

Life is like a drugstore, you never know what you’re gonna find.

Drugs won’t solve your problems, but they’ll make you forget what those problems were in the first place!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy drugs, and that’s pretty close.

I’m not addicted to drugs, I’m just in a committed relationship.

Drugs and hugs: the perfect combination for a great night out!

Instead of chasing the dragon, why not chase your dreams?

Life without drugs would be like a rainbow without colors.

Don’t be a mug, say no to drugs!

Drugs are like a roller coaster, they take you up, down, and all around!

Love is the drug that keeps me going… but drugs help too!

I used to do drugs, but now I just do Netflix and chill.

Drugs are only fun when they’re in a song lyric.

If life is like a game of poker, then drugs are the wild card.

Drugs are a good way to teach kids about the importance of moderation… or maybe not.

If life is a dance, then drugs are the rhythm.

Drugs may be bad, but have you ever tried doing taxes?

Drugs may be illegal, but being boring should be too!

Drugs don’t make you cool, they just make people think you’re cool.

I don’t need drugs to travel to another dimension, I have the internet for that.

Stay high on life, not on drugs.

Friends don’t let friends do drugs alone… they do them together!

If drugs were a currency, I’d be the richest person in the world!

Never get high on your own supply… unless it’s pizza, then go for it!

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