Funny Drake Quotes

Started from the bottom, now we’re here, getting a good laugh.

If you’re reading this, it’s too funny.

Yolo, but also yolaugh.

I’m in my feelings, but they’re comedic ones.

I only love my bed and a good joke, I’m sorry.

I’m on one, and by one I mean a funny roll.

I just flipped the joke switch, flip, flip.

I’m too good with the jokes, I’m like a funny Drake.

Losing you is funny, winning you over with laughter is my mission.

Laugh now, cry later? Nah, just laugh forever.

I know when that funny hotline blings, that can only mean jokes.

I’ve got my funny team on my side, no new friends needed.

Laughter is the language of the funny.

I’m the 6 God of comedy.

I’ve got the key to a good joke, just call me the locksmith.

I used to joke to call people on their cell phones, now I just joke around.

Life is funny, so I just laugh in the face of adversity.

I’m just a funny soul in a material world.

I started out with a funny dream, now it’s my reality.

They wish they laughed on me.

I’m just doing me, and me is making people laugh.

Funny moments are forever, just like the love for my jokes.

I’m just here for a good laugh, everything else is extra.

Joke til you can’t joke anymore, then joke some more.

I only roast the ones I love.

You only live once, so laugh often.

Everybody dies, but not everybody truly laughs.

I can’t wait to joke you.

I’m just a funny kid from Toronto.

I’m in a funny state of mind, always.

Don’t let anyone dim your funny light.

I’m too busy joking around to be bothered by negativity.

If it’s funny, you know I’m involved.

I came, I saw, I joked.

Rumor has it, I’m the funniest in the game.

I’m up all funny, goin’ all night long.

I can’t hide the funny, it’s written all over my face.

I’m just a funny guy in a serious world.

I’ve got 99 funny problems, but a joke ain’t one.

I’m the punchline king, no doubt about it.

Life’s a joke, so might as well laugh along.

I’m not crying, I’m just laughing really hard.

If you’re not laughing, you’re not living.

They laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re the same.

Laughter is the best medicine, and I’m the doctor of funny.

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