Funny Doormat Sayings

Enter if you have snacks!

Wipe your paws, human.

Happiness is a full house and a clean doormat.

Knock-knock, who’s there? It’s the pizza delivery guy!

Did you remember to turn off the stove?

Warning: super fun zone ahead.

If you’re selling cookies, we have milk.

Don’t blame the dog for the smell, it’s the humans!

Welcome! Smiles and good vibes only.

This house runs on love, laughter, and coffee.

Please remove your shoes and bring me chocolate.

Ring the doorbell three times if you have ice cream.

Say the magic words to enter: ‘Abracadabra pizza!’

If you’re a cat, ignore this doormat and keep walking.

Did you bring tacos? No? Go away.

Caution: this doormat is known to cause uncontrollable laughter.

Step aside, boring doormats. It’s time to get funny.

Leave your worries and your shoes outside.

Be nice or leave – that’s the golden rule around here.

Hello from the other side… of the doormat.

Don’t forget to bring your sense of humor inside.

Knock loudly if you bring good vibes, softly if you have chocolate.

No soliciting, unless you’re offering free hugs.

This doormat can’t tell jokes, but it appreciates a good laugh.

Did you bring the party with you?

Enter at your own risk – excessive fun may occur.

You can’t come in if you don’t know the password: ‘TacosRule!’

Thou shall not pass without a funny doormat.

If you’re wearing mismatched socks, enter with confidence.

Life is better barefoot and with a smile.

Welcome to the chaos. Leave your drama at the door.

Friends welcome. Strangers will be turned into pumpkins.

Remember to laugh at yourself – we certainly will.

This doormat is fluent in sarcasm. Are you?

No shoes, no problem. Socks are optional too.

WARNING: If you’re not bringing pizza, come back later.

Come on in, the laughter is contagious.

May your day be as happy as a dog with two tails.

Leave your negativity outside, it’s not welcome here.

Smile, it confuses people at the door.

Texting me will not make me answer the door any faster.

Follow the yellow brick road, or just wipe your feet.

Enter with a skip in your step and a belly full of laughter.

This doormat knows all your secrets, so it’s safe to come in.

Welcome to our happily ever after, enter with joy.

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