Funny Botox Quotes

I may have face wrinkles, but at least I can make funny expressions!

Botox: because frowning is way too mainstream.

Who needs Botox when you can just laugh your way to a youthful face?

Think of me as a balloon animal, but with less wrinkles.

Wrinkles are just reminders of all the times we’ve laughed so hard.

Botox: making duck faces completely unnecessary.

I tried Botox once, but I couldn’t stop laughing at myself in the mirror.

If life gives you wrinkles, just laugh them away!

Botox: the only thing that can stop a laugh line in its tracks.

I don’t need Botox, I’ve got a lifetime supply of laughter lines.

Wrinkles? I prefer to call them laugh tracks for the comedy show that is my life.

I may not have Botox, but I’ve got a smile that can hypnotize!

Forget Botox, laughter is the best natural facelift.

Wrinkles are like parentheses around the laughter in our lives.

Who needs Botox when you can just tell funny jokes?

Botox: for when you want to freeze your face and your sense of humor.

Laughter is the best wrinkle eraser.

Botox may fill in the lines, but laughter fills our hearts.

I don’t need Botox, I’ve got a face full of hilarious memories.

If laughter is the best medicine, Botox is the best skincare routine.

Wrinkles are just love notes from a life well-lived.

Hey Botox, I’ve got plenty of wrinkles to keep me laughing until eternity!

Botox can’t hide the truth: I’m just a laugh-a-minute kind of person.

Botox may erase wrinkles, but it can’t erase my sense of humor.

Wrinkles? I prefer to think of them as character lines on the comedy stage of life.

Botox: where frowns go to die and laughter goes to thrive.

Wrinkles are just proof that we’ve laughed our way through life.

I’m not a plastic doll, I’m a living masterpiece of laughter.

Botox is like the pause button for laughter lines.

Why get Botox when you can just surround yourself with funny people?

Wrinkles are just evidence of all the fun I’ve had in life.

Botox may hide the laugh lines, but it can’t hide the funny bone.

I may not have a smooth face, but I’ve definitely got a funny bone.

Who needs Botox when you can just have a great sense of humor?

Wrinkles? Nah, those are just speed lines from all the laughing I do.

Botox: because laughing is for amateurs.

Laughter may give you wrinkles, but Botox can’t replace the joy it brings.

I’d rather have laugh lines than a frozen, expressionless face.

Botox may make you look younger, but laughter makes you feel younger.

Wrinkles are the roadmap of a life filled with laughter.

Botox can’t hide the fact that I’m the funniest person in the room.

Who needs Botox when you have a cheeky sense of humor?

Laughter: the best natural alternative to Botox.

I may have wrinkles, but I’ve also got a great sense of humor!

Botox may smooth your face, but it can’t smooth over the hilarity of life.

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