Fonzie Sayings

Sit on it!


Cool it, man.

You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Ayyy, Mr. C!

Jump the shark.

Ayyy, there’s my girl!

Fonzie’s in the house!

Don’t be a square.

I got the magic touch, babe.

Fonzie’s the name, cool is the game.

Be a cool cat like me.

Whoa, don’t be so uncool.

Gotta keep that leather jacket shine.

Ay, you better watch yourself.

Coolness is a state of mind.

Fonzarelli is always in control.

Don’t be such a bummer, man.

Somebody call the Fonz!

Look at me, I’m the epitome of cool.

Fonzie knows all the right moves.

You better show some respect to the Fonz.

I’m on top of the world, baby.

You mess with the Fonz, you mess with the whole gang.

Stay groovy, my friend.

Fonz knows how to rock and roll.

I’m the definition of charm and charisma.

I only roll with the coolest cats in town.

Whoa, easy there, tiger.

Fonz is always the life of the party.

Don’t mess with the leather jacket, man.

You’ll never catch me without a comb in my pocket.

Fonz knows how to make an entrance.

Cool comes naturally to the Fonz.

Patience, my friend, patience.

Fonzie’s got the suave moves.

I can turn any situation around with a snap of my fingers.

Keep it cool, keep it real.

When in doubt, ask the Fonz.

I’ve got the coolest friends in town.

Ay, look at that fine machine!

Sometimes you just gotta say ‘Ayyy!’

Fonz knows how to handle his rides.

Look at me, I’m flyin’ high!

Ayyy, happy days are here again!

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