Facebook Stalker Quotes

I just might be the world’s best Facebook stalker, but shh, it’s a secret.

I see you’ve been having fun on Facebook, let’s talk about it.

I know more about your life than you do, thanks to Facebook.

Facebook stalking is my superpower, what’s yours?

Facebook: where the secrets of the world are revealed, one friend at a time.

Remember, I’ve seen all the embarrassing photos you thought were deleted.

Facebook stalking is just my way of showing you how much I care.

I’m not a stalker, just a really curious person with access to Facebook.

Facebook stalking is like a daily soap opera, but with real people.

If knowledge is power, then I’m the king of Facebook stalking.

Facebook: the ultimate tool for gathering all the juicy details of your life.

I may not have a life, but I sure know all about yours thanks to Facebook.

You’re just a friend request away from being my next Facebook stalking victim.

I don’t judge, I just silently observe your questionable life choices on Facebook.

Facebook stalking: the closest thing to being a detective without actually being one.

If you’re looking for a private life, Facebook is not the place to be.

Everyone has a secret, and I’m here to uncover them all on Facebook.

I don’t need an FBI badge, I have a Facebook account.

Just a friendly reminder that nothing is truly private on Facebook.

I don’t gossip, I just share the interesting things I find on Facebook.

Facebook stalking is my hobby, what’s yours?

I may not be able to solve crimes, but I can definitely uncover your Facebook secrets.

Facebook: where everyone puts their life on display, willingly or not.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it made me the best Facebook stalker.

Oops, did I accidentally like your photo from three years ago? My bad, I was just casually scrolling through your profile.

You can run, but you can’t hide from my Facebook stalking skills.

I have a black belt in Facebook stalking, wanna spar?

Facebook is like a window into your soul, and I’ve been peeking through it for years.

I may not know your favorite color, but I do know what you ate for breakfast this morning, thanks to Facebook.

I take my Facebook stalking duties very seriously.

Facebook stalking is my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me.

No need to hire a private investigator, just give me your Facebook name and I’ll find out everything about you.

Facebook is the world’s social diary, and I’m the avid reader.

I’m like a virtual ghost, lurking in the shadows of your Facebook profile.

I see potential Facebook stalking material every time I make a new friend.

I live for the thrill of discovering someone’s embarrassing childhood photos on Facebook.

If you don’t want me to know something, don’t post it on Facebook.

Facebook is my playground, and you’re just a squirrel trying to hide its nuts.

Having a boring life is no excuse for not being a Facebook stalking expert.

Facebook is like a never-ending reality show, and I’m the dedicated viewer.

I don’t need to leave the house to know what’s happening in your life, thanks to Facebook.

Facebook: the place where friendships are born and stalkers are made.

Don’t worry, I won’t judge your questionable profile pictures, I’ll just silently screenshot them.

Facebook: where the line between privacy and oversharing is blurry, and I’m here to exploit it.

I may not have a diploma in psychology, but I can definitely analyze your personality based on your Facebook posts.

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