Emotionally Unavailable Quotes

I build walls around my emotions to protect myself from getting hurt.

I’m emotionally unavailable, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel.

I may seem distant, but I’m just guarding my heart.

My emotions are like a locked door, hard to open.

I keep my emotions hidden, only to protect them from being misunderstood.

Sometimes, it’s easier to be emotionally unavailable than to risk being vulnerable.

I’m a fortress of solitude, guarded against emotional invasion.

I have an emotional shield that keeps me from getting too close.

Behind my smile, there’s a world of emotions I choose not to share.

Emotionally unavailable doesn’t mean devoid of feelings, but rather safeguarding them.

I’m emotionally unavailable because I’ve been hurt too many times before.

I stay emotionally detached to protect my heart from breaking.

My heart is like a locked safe, hidden away from the world.

Opening up emotionally feels like walking on thin ice.

I guard my heart because the wounds of the past are still healing.

I keep my feelings locked away, only letting a select few in.

Emotionally unavailable is my shield against heartache.

I put up walls around my heart to keep others from getting too close.

Emotionally unavailable doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I’m cautious.

I’m emotionally unavailable because I haven’t found someone worthy of my vulnerability.

My emotions are like shadows, always lurking, but rarely seen.

Behind my stoic exterior, there’s a storm of emotions.

I’m emotionally unavailable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t long for connection.

I lock away my heart to keep it safe from pain.

Emotionally unavailable is my way of self-preservation.

I keep my emotions tucked away, hidden from the world.

Emotionally unavailable, but not unfeeling.

I’m emotionally distant, but it’s not by choice.

I hide my emotions behind a mask of indifference.

Emotionally unavailable is my defense mechanism against heartbreak.

I’ve built walls around my heart, brick by brick.

I keep my emotions at a distance, afraid of what might happen if I let them in.

Emotionally unavailable, guarded like a fortress.

My emotions are a secret garden, hidden from prying eyes.

I’m emotionally distant, protecting myself from getting too attached.

Emotionally unavailable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need love.

I keep my emotions concealed, only revealing them to those who earn my trust.

I lock my emotions in a box, buried deep within.

Emotionally unavailable, a puzzle that remains unsolved.

I’m emotionally guarded, for fear of getting my heart shattered.

Behind my walls, there’s a warmth that few have felt.

Emotionally unavailable, a fortress without an entrance.

My emotions are like a labyrinth, hard to navigate.

I hide my emotions beneath a calm facade.

Emotionally unavailable, protecting my heart from harm.

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