Donald Trump’s Loser Quotes

I don’t know how anyone could consider himself a winner after bankrupting multiple businesses.

Losing is just a natural talent for Donald Trump.

I’ve never seen anyone lose so consistently as Donald Trump.

It takes a special kind of loser to lose the popular vote and still become President.

Donald Trump’s losses are a masterclass in failure.

Winning is for winners, and Donald Trump is definitely not a winner.

There’s no silver lining in a career full of losses like Trump’s.

Losers like Donald Trump always find someone else to blame for their failures.

Trump’s ‘art of the deal’ should really be called ‘the art of losing.’

Even his hair can’t cover up the fact that Donald Trump is a loser.

Donald Trump: the poster child for sore losers everywhere.

Losing gracefully is not a skill that Trump has mastered.

Every time I think Donald Trump can’t sink any lower, he proves me wrong.

Trump may have a gold-plated ego, but his track record screams loser.

For someone who claims to be a winner, Donald Trump sure whines a lot.

Winning isn’t everything, but it’s something that Donald Trump knows nothing about.

Donald Trump’s brand of losing is truly one of a kind.

If Donald Trump were a board game, he’d be called ‘Epic Loser.’

Losing is like breathing for Donald Trump – he just can’t stop.

You can’t spell ‘loser’ without ‘Donald Trump.’

Donald Trump’s losses are like a broken record – they just keep playing over and over again.

The only thing Trump is good at winning is the award for the world’s biggest loser.

In a competition between Donald Trump and a wall, the wall would come out on top.

Donald Trump: the king of losing and the master of denial.

Losing is an art, and Trump has perfected it.

The only thing Donald Trump has won is the title of biggest embarrassment.

Trump’s losses are an inspiration to all the little losers out there.

Donald Trump’s win-loss record is the definition of failure.

I can’t decide what’s more impressive – Trump’s combover or his ability to lose.

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s Donald Trump finding new and creative ways to lose.

Trump’s mantra: fail, fail, fail, and fail again.

I would ask Trump for advice on how to win, but I don’t speak loser.

It’s amazing how Trump manages to turn even the simplest task into a loss.

Donald Trump is a loser in every sense of the word.

I thought the saying was ‘third time’s a charm,’ but Trump proves that it’s actually ‘third time’s a loss.’

I always knew Trump was a loser, but I didn’t realize he was such a consistent one.

Trump’s losses are like a never-ending game of bingo – he just keeps racking them up.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win – unless you’re Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s failures are like a greatest hits album for losers.

If Donald Trump were on a sports team, they would never make it to the playoffs.

Losing has become Donald Trump’s legacy.

If there were an Olympic event for losing, Donald Trump would take home the gold.

Trump’s losses are like a train wreck – you can’t help but watch in awe.

In the game of life, Trump’s strategy is always losing.

Donald Trump’s idea of winning is throwing a tantrum until he gets his way.

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