Dick Vitale Quotes

Get ready, baby! It’s going to be a wild one!

This team is on fire, baby! They’re playing like champions!

That dunk was a heart attack waiting to happen!

He’s a diaper dandy, baby! Just a freshman and already dominating!

No one can stop this team when they’re in the zone!

They’re playing with more hustle than a kid on Christmas morning!

I’ve got goosebumps, baby! This game is electric!

This guy is shooting lights out, baby! He’s on fire from beyond the arc!

This team is showing more heart than a champion boxer!

The energy in this arena is off the charts, baby! It’s like a rock concert!

He’s got more moves than a Las Vegas show, baby!

These players are leaving it all on the court, baby! They want it more than anything!

That’s an ESPN top 10 play, baby! It’s a highlight reel moment!

This team is playing with so much passion! They’re leaving it all out there!

I could feel the intensity from the tip-off, baby! This is a battle!

They’re playing like a well-oiled machine, baby! Every pass is perfect!

This team is like a freight train, baby! They’re unstoppable!

That was a bone-crushing block! Get that weak stuff outta here!

That was a textbook fast break, baby! The defense didn’t stand a chance!

This team is putting on a clinic, baby! They’re schooling their opponents!

He’s got more hops than a kangaroo, baby! He can fly!

This crowd is on their feet, baby! They’re going wild!

That was a dagger in the heart! This team is relentless!

They’re playing with so much heart, baby! It’s inspiring to watch!

This team’s defense is tighter than a drum! They’re suffocating their opponents!

That was a three-pointer from downtown, baby! It’s raining buckets!

This team is on a roll, baby! They’re winning game after game!

That was a highlight reel dunk, baby! He’s going viral!

This team is giving it their all, baby! It’s a battle to the finish!

That was a buzzer-beater, baby! What a finish!

He’s got the magic touch, baby! He can’t miss!

This team is playing like they’ve got a fire in their belly, baby!

That was a circus shot, baby! He’s a magician with the basketball!

This team is playing like they’re possessed, baby! They’ve got the eye of the tiger!

That was a thunderous slam dunk, baby! The rim is still shaking!

This team is running and gunning, baby! They’re scoring at will!

He’s got more handles than a grocery store, baby! He’s dancing with the ball!

That was a beautiful alley-oop, baby! They’re playing above the rim!

This team is sending a message, baby! They’re making a statement with every play!

That was a deep three-pointer, baby! He’s got range for days!

This team is playing with the hunger of a starving lion, baby!

He’s got ice in his veins, baby! He’s clutch in the big moments!

This team is on a mission, baby! They’re focused and determined!

That was a jaw-dropping move, baby! He left his defender in the dust!

This team is playing with so much heart, baby! They’re leaving it all on the court!

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