Depressed Twitter Quotes

In a world of tweets and likes, my depression remains unseen.

Sometimes it feels like my entire timeline is filled with sadness.

Behind every retweet, there’s a silent cry for help.

I may have a million followers, but I still feel empty inside.

Depression doesn’t discriminate, even on Twitter.

My tweets may be funny, but my heart is heavy.

When the world says to live in the moment, depression reminds me of the past.

Like and retweet won’t cure my depression.

Depression is the voice in my head that never stops tweeting.

I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of depressing tweets.

Even on Twitter, depression follows me.

My tweets may be filled with sadness, but my soul longs for happiness.

Depression is an endless scroll on my Twitter feed.

Depression: the hashtag I never wanted to trend.

Twitter is a place where my depression finds solace.

Behind every tweet, there’s a hidden struggle.

My depression writes the tweets, I just press send.

Tweeting helps me cope with my depression, even if no one understands.

Depression is the filter through which I see the world, even on Twitter.

I never imagined my life would be summarized in 280 characters.

My timeline is a reflection of my inner battles.

Retweets may boost my ego, but they can’t fill the void inside.

Depression silences my voice, even in 280 characters.

Each tweet is a window into my soul, revealing the depths of my depression.

Behind the witty tweets, lies a world of darkness.

Depression is the guest that never leaves, even on Twitter.

Tweeting about my depression is my silent cry for help.

My tweets may be witty, but my heart is heavy.

Depression makes me question the purpose of my tweets.

With every tweet, I try to mask my inner turmoil.

Twitter is a place where my depression speaks louder than anything else.

Behind every sarcastic tweet, there’s a hidden pain.

Depression is the chains that hold me captive, even in the virtual world.

Scrolling through Twitter feels like diving into a sea of melancholy.

Even on Twitter, depression finds a way to suffocate me.

Depression: the invisible burden I carry in every tweet.

I tweet to escape the overwhelming weight of my depression.

Twitter may connect me with others, but it can’t heal my depression.

Every tweet is a window into my soul, revealing my struggle with depression.

Depression is the constant shadow that follows me, even on Twitter.

Even in the realm of retweets and hashtags, depression finds a way to claim me.

Behind every tweet, there’s a hidden story of pain and sadness.

Depression wraps itself around my words, polluting even the simplest of tweets.

Twitter is a refuge for my depressed mind, a place where I can be heard.

My tweets may seem cryptic, but they’re the only way my depression speaks.

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