Cat Valentine Quotes

You make my heart purrfectly happy.

Fur-ever and always, I love you.

You’re the cat’s meow of my heart.

I’m a lucky cat to have you as my Valentine.

You make my whiskers tingle with love.

I’m feline so lucky to be your Valentine.

You’re the cream to my purr.

I’m not kitten, I love you to bits.

You’re the purr-fect Valentine for me.

You make my heart purr with joy.

You’re the catnip to my heart.

Valentine, you always make my tail wag.

I’m feline the love tonight, thanks to you.

You’re my purr-sonal sunbeam on a rainy day.

I’m not fur from you, even when you’re away.

Valentine, you light up my whiskers.

You make my heart skip a meow.

You’re the purr-fect companion for this love-filled day.

Love is in the air, and it smells like catnip when I’m with you.

Every day with you is a pawsitive delight.

You’re the whiskers to my heart, Valentine.

Like a ball of yarn, you’ve unraveled my heart.

You’re the sunshine in my purr-fectly cozy world.

Valentine, you’re the cat’s pajamas.

I’m not kitten, you’re the purr-fect catch.

I love you with every fiber of my fur.

You’re the cat-alyst for my happiness.

Valentine, you’re the cat’s whiskers.

I’m feline so lucky to have you in my life.

Every day is Valentine’s Day with you, my love.

You make my heart meow with joy.

You’re the tuna to my purr-ing heart.

Love and cuddles, that’s the purr-fect Valentine’s treat.

Valentine, you’re a purr-ty special someone.

I’m fur-ever grateful for your love.

You make my heart pounce with joy, Valentine.

I can’t help but purr with happiness when I’m with you.

You’re the cat’s meow in my life, Valentine.

Felines might have nine lives, but my love for you is infinite.

Valentine, you’re the cat-alyst for my happiness.

My love for you is as endless as a ball of yarn.

You’re the catnip to my heart’s content.

You make my heart thump like a purr-fect Valentine rhythm.

Valentine, you’re always on my mind, like a pawprint on my heart.

I’m feline the love, thanks to you, my Valentine. I hope you like these cat valentine quotes! They’re purr-fect for expressing your love on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

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