Candy Heart Sayings Funny

  1. Swipe right
  2. Netflix and chill?
  3. Love stinks
  4. Single and ready to mingle
  5. Text me
  6. U R A QT
  7. I’m sweet on you
  8. Let’s taco ’bout love
  9. You’re my cupcake
  10. Be mine or leave me alone
  11. Hey sugar
  12. You’re my sweetie pie
  13. Love is a battlefield
  14. I’m a catch
  15. I’m a heartbreaker
  16. Hugs and kisses
  17. Love me tender
  18. You’re my jam
  19. I’m a snack
  20. I’ve got a crush on you
  21. You’re my everything bagel
  22. You’re my peanut butter to my jelly
  23. All you need is love and chocolate
  24. You stole a pizza my heart
  25. I’m a sucker for you
  26. Don’t go bacon my heart
  27. You’re my better half
  28. I’m falling for you
  29. You’re my lobster
  30. You’re my missing puzzle piece
  31. You’re the apple of my eye
  32. I’m sweet on you
  33. You’re the cheese to my macaroni
  34. We go together like milk and cookies
  35. We belong together like PB&J
  36. You’re my rock candy
  37. We’re a match made in heaven
  38. You’re my gummy bear
  39. You’re my honey bee
  40. You’re my lollipop
  41. You’re my suga mama
  42. You’re my sweet potato pie
  43. You’re my twizzler
  44. I’m nuts about you
  45. You’re my cotton candy
  46. You’re my lovebug
  47. You’re my snickerdoodle
  48. You’re my sweet and sour
  49. You’re my jellybean
  50. Swipe right
  51. Netflix and chill?
  52. Don’t text and drive
  53. You’re my binge buddy
  54. Call me maybe?
  55. Relationship status: It’s complicated with chocolate
  56. You’re the pickles to my peanut butter
  57. Let’s taco ’bout love
  58. My heart beats for bacon
  59. I’m sweet on you like candy
  60. I’m nuts about you
  61. I’m falling for you faster than my WiFi signal
  62. Donut worry, be happy
  63. Don’t be a stranger, be my valentine
  64. I love you more than pizza (almost)
  65. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m really bad at poetry, can I have a kiss?
  66. You’re the PB to my J
  67. You’re the cream to my coffee
  68. You light up my life like a sugar high
  69. I love you more than memes (and that’s saying something)
  70. You’re the cheese to my macaroni
  71. You’re the avocado to my toast
  72. You had me at hello, it’s me
  73. I’m sweet on you like honey
  74. You’re my lobster
  75. You’re the butter to my popcorn
  76. Love is in the air (and so is the scent of chocolate)
  77. You’re my cupcake
  78. You make my heart skip a beet
  79. You’re the sprinkles to my ice cream
  80. You’re the milk to my cookies
  81. You’re the marshmallows to my hot cocoa
  82. You’re the frosting to my cake
  83. You’re the apple of my pie
  84. You’re the cinnamon to my roll
  85. You’re the jam to my toast
  86. You’re the jelly to my donut
  87. You’re the whip to my cream
  88. You’re the gravy to my mashed potatoes
  89. You’re the ketchup to my fries
  90. You’re the ranch to my wings
  91. You’re the syrup to my pancakes
  92. You’re the gravy to my biscuit
  93. You’re the salsa to my chips
  94. You’re the soy sauce to my sushi
  95. You’re the pesto to my pasta
  96. You’re the guac to my chips
  97. You’re the cream cheese to my bagel
  98. You’re the hummus to my pita
  99. You’re the sriracha to my burger
  100. You’re the peanut butter to my chocolate

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