Buffalo Bills Quotes – Inspiring Words from the NFL’s Legendary Team

Buffalo Bill’s spirit is never broken.

Our horns may be small, but our roar is mighty.

Buffalo Bill’s pride runs deep.

We bleed blue and red for the Bills.

Buffalo Bill’s fans are the heartbeat of the city.

In Buffalo, win or lose, we stand by our Bills.

You can’t intimidate the Buffalo Bill’s Mafia.

We’ve been through the hard times, but that just makes the victories sweeter.

Buffalo Bill’s football is a religion in Western New York.

We may be underdogs, but we fight like champions.

Buffalo Bills: Fear the blue thunder.

In Buffalo, Sundays are for Bills football.

Buffalo Bill’s: A tradition of toughness.

We may freeze in the cold, but our passion for the Bills burns hot.

Buffalo Bill’s fans: louder than the thunder, prouder than the sunrise.

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bill’s football: it’s more than just a game.

Buffalo Bill’s fans are the definition of loyalty.

Buffalo Bill’s: Tough on the field, big hearts off of it.

We may have rivals, but the Buffalo Bill’s Mafia is like family.

Buffalo Bill’s football unites a city like few things can.

Love us or hate us, you can’t ignore the Bills.

Buffalo Bill’s fans: the pride of Western New York.

In Buffalo, tailgating is an art form.

Buffalo Bill’s: Forever faithful, forever united.

Buffalo Bill’s: Where legends are born.

Buffalo Bill’s: A force to be reckoned with.

We may be underdogs, but we’ll bite back.

Buffalo Bill’s: When the going gets tough, we get tougher.

Nobody shows up like the Bills fans.

Buffalo Bill’s football is in our blood.

In Buffalo, Bills football is more than a game, it’s a way of life.

Buffalo Bill’s: All heart, all pride.

We may not have the flash, but we have the passion.

Buffalo Bill’s: From the cold and the snow, champions will grow.

In Buffalo, Bills fans are the 12th man.

Buffalo Bill’s: A legacy of greatness.

Through thick and thin, we’ll always be true to the Bills.

Buffalo Bill’s football: where legends are made and memories are forged.

Win or lose, we stand strong with the Buffalo Bill’s Mafia.

Buffalo Bill’s fans: the loudest in the league, the proudest in the world.

Buffalo Bill’s: Defying the odds, inspiring the nation.

In Buffalo, Sundays are sacred thanks to the Bills.

Buffalo Bill’s: Tough as buffalo hide, fierce as a blizzard.

We may be overlooked, but the Buffalo Bill’s Mafia is always underrated.

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